Dong Nai tops annual FDI target by November

08:58 | 14/11/2017 Economy

(VEN) - As of the beginning of November, foreign investment inflow into Dong Nai this year had reached USD1.02 billion, exceeding the annual plan by 2%.

This year’s FDI is directed to 58 new projects with a combined capital of USD350 million and 90 existing projects that are getting additional capital of USD670 million. Both new and existing projects are located in the province’s industrial zones. The industrial zones that have attracted most new investment projects are: An Phuoc, Nhon Trach 1, Bau Xeo and Ho Nai.

The new FDI projects registered since the beginning of this year are from 12 countries and territories, with major investments coming from Chinese Taipei, the Republic of Korea and Japan.

So far, Dong Nai has attracted more than 1,720 foreign investment projects with a total capital of over $ 31.1 billion. Total FDI inflow for 2017 is expected to reach USD1.5 billion.

Ngoc Han