Dong Nai to promote ASEAN Community idea, ideals

09:28 | 26/10/2021 Vietnam - Asean

(VEN) - The Dong Nai People's Committee has prepared a five-year plan (2021-2025 with vision until 2030) that will propagate the idea and ideals of the ASEAN Community in the province.

The plan seeks to increase understanding of the ASEAN Community among all classes of people, boost regional cooperation, create consensus and gain the trust and support of the people.

It also seeks to instil the sense of "Thinking Community, Acting Community," motivating people to participate, contribute to and benefit from the process of integration and building the ASEAN Community.

This, in turn, will orient people to actively study, strive to achieve and meet necessary conditions to seize opportunities for development that arise from being part of the ASEAN Community.

dong nai to promote asean community idea ideals

Dong Nai, an attractive destination for investors from ASEAN

The program’s content will closely follow the ASEAN theme year by year as well as the bloc’s activities on the three pillars of Politics - Security, Economics and Culture – Society. It will also highlight Vietnam's contributions in building the ASEAN Community and strengthening the bloc’s regional and international position.

Information about intra-ASEAN cooperation in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic will include: updates on implementing ASEAN's joint initiatives; Vietnam's work in carrying out declarations and action plans to minimize negative impacts of the pandemic; and strengthening of regional supply chain connectivity.

The benefits of being part of the ASEAN Community will be stressed with reports, thematic articles on typical characters, stories, and practices.

In promoting the ASEAN Community identity, stories about the similarities and uniqueness of culture, traditions, architecture, history, language and other aspects of different ethnic groups will be presented. This will enhance mutual understanding and a sense of belonging as well as cohesion.

Information and propagation work will be carried out via the mass media as well as social networks (Facebook, Zalo, Youtube,...). Panels, posters, banners, electronic boards, etc. will be used in public places as well as offices of agencies on the occasion of major anniversaries or important events of ASEAN. The work will also be integrated into cultural and artistic activities.

The overall aim of the program is to boost understanding of the ASEAN Community among Vietnamese people in general and Dong Nai residents in particular. Greater understanding among the business community, export business associations, the youth (students, pupils, workers) and foreigners living and working in the province, especially citizens of ASEAN countries will promote intra-ASEAN cooperation and strengthen the bloc’s international standing.