Dong Nai puts plan in place for UKVFTA implementation

09:34 | 29/10/2021 Society

Dong Nai plans widespread dissemination of the salient features of UKVFTA, the free trade pact between Vietnam and the UK, in order to ensure its effective implementation.

The southern province has a formal plan to disseminate information about UKVFTA to relevant stakeholders, especially farmers and fishermen, provincial and local management agencies, industry associations, cooperatives, business community, workers, and other labor sectors.

The dissemination will deploy a wide cross section of the media, including websites, printed publications, radio and television programs, seminars, training sessions and online training courses. These aim to increase understanding of the commitments made under the agreement and provide information about the work that needs to be done.

Dong Nai, a potential destination for UK investors

To ensure that businesses and officials of state management agencies properly understand the agreement and are able to take optimum advantage of it, the province will provide training in relevant areas including taxation, rules of origin, access to the UK market, investment in customs services, trade remedies, intellectual property as well as labor and environmental issues.

Vietnamese businesses will be helped to promptly grasp information, technical requirements, and regulations on import and export management of UK goods.

The province will also strengthen the network of competent state agencies on trade-investment issues, build their capacity and further facilitate the provision of information including forecasts about the UK and domestic markets.

Dong Nai plans to promote trade and investment promotion programs in the UK to inform businesses there about opportunities and advantages of the investment environment in Vietnam. The aim is to develop trade relations, attract foreign investment in key fields and take advantage of modern technologies to remove bottlenecks that may hinder some sectors in Vietnam as the trade pact is being implemented.

The southern industrial hub will also work to become more competitive and develop its human resources accordingly. Specifically, it will develop programs to support and improve the competitiveness of industries and businesses, especially small, medium and micro enterprises. A similar effort will be made with regard to local farmers.

Solutions will be identified to support industries and goods directly affected by the implementation of the agreement.

Meanwhile, Dong Nai will continue to implement its e-commerce development plan for the 2021-2025 period. This entails particular focus on promoting the role of state management in setting up infrastructure, creating a conducive environment for e-commerce growth. The province will also strive to issue timely support policies for businesses to improve their competitiveness and to access and expand their domestic and export market reach through e-commerce.

Besides, the province will support businesses in the province to participate in production networks, value chains and supply chains with the participation of UK businesses to take advantage of the benefits of the agreements. And the province will also strengthen measures and mechanisms to encourage and orient UK-invested businesses to connect local businesses, contributing to the formation and development of supply chains.