Dong Nai pushes e-commerce ahead with store management training

06:00 | 12/12/2021 Events

(VEN) - A training session on store management skills for e-commerce trading floors was held recently as part of Dong Nai province’s efforts to acquaint traders with modern business methods.

The training session was organized by the Dong Nai Department of Industry and Trade in cooperation with the provincial Post Office and its E-commerce Development Center.

The session aimed to help equip businesses, cooperatives, and business establishments grasp the skills of booth management on the province’s e-commerce trading floor. This would help traders expand the consumer goods market and services deploying modern business methods.

The training session in Dong Nai Province delivered useful information about store management skills on e-commerce trading floors

Exports introduced many key components of e-commerce trading floor management, including: instructions and practice of registration, management and operation of booths on the provincial e-commerce trading floor; instructions for online payment for e-commerce - VNPAY; signing and awarding contracts to provide online payment services; guidance on shipping/delivery of goods for business on the e-commerce trading floor; signing and awarding of cooperation agreements on shipping/delivering services; and signing contracts to provide booth support services on the e-commerce trading floor.

The provincial trade department said the training course is expected to facilitate greater availability of goods and services on the provincial e-commerce trading floor; and to gain recognition and trust for Dong Nai's brand of products and services both within the nation and abroad.

These will be key factors in ensuring fast growth and sustainable development of Dong Nai’s e-commerce sector in the coming years, the department said.

It noted that the social distancing period has seen tremendous growth of e-commerce, with the traditional shopping habits of consumers changing gradually as online shopping advantages were realized.

E-commerce is expected to become an inevitable development trend in international trade amidst the digital economy and become a regular shopping channel for a large part of consumers, especially young people.

In order to keep pace with the general development of e-commerce in the country, Dong Nai has been making efforts to support enterprises, cooperatives, production and business establishments develop e-commerce alongside increasing production and business efficiency.

In 2020, with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Dong Nai Department of Industry and Trade invested in building the province's e-commerce trading floor (

The provincial trade department said that in the coming time it will continue to improve: the management capacity and organization of e-commerce activities; fight against commercial fraud; and prevention of intellectual property rights infringements and unfair competition in e-commerce.

It will also: build markets and improve consumer confidence in e-commerce; strengthen the capacity of infrastructure systems and support services for e-commerce; and promote e-commerce application in key export industries.

The province will further promote e-commerce development by developing and applying new technologies and supporting the digital transformation process of enterprises.

Huong Ngoc