Dong Nai prioritizes hi-tech investments, offers incentives

09:00 | 03/12/2021 Industry

(VEN) - As one of the most dynamic provinces in the southern key economic region, Dong Nai invites wide-ranging investments with the pledge of due policy support and other incentives.

It has many policies to support investors and its officials say they are always focused on creating the most favourable conditions for businesses to come to the province.

The province is now giving priority for investment in particular areas like Long Khanh town and the districts of Thong Nhat, Tan Phu, Dinh Quan, Xuan Loc and Cam My districts.

Infrastructure is another major priority area for investment in Dong Nai

Under the provincial plan, industrial production projects should be based in industrial parks set up for the purpose.

Dong Nai sees its role as creating favorable conditions for investors to find opportunities in all industries and fields in line with the central government's international commitments.

It continues to prioritize investment for projects with advanced technology, new technology, high technology, clean technology and others that have high added value, spill-over effects, and connect global production and supply chains.

The province also focuses on attracting large projects, especially by strategic investors and multinational corporations. These include projects to locate headquarters and establish research and development agencies and innovation centers. Projects associated with the construction and operation of the Long Thanh International Airport are also accorded priority.

In the industrial sector, the province is particularly interested attracting investment as per the central government’s priorities for hi-tech development. In the field of supporting industry development, the province gives priority to the production of details, components, spare parts and raw materials in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics - informatics, automobile manufacturing and assembly, production of raw materials and accessories for the garment industry, shoemaking, industrial production for the aviation sector, aircraft repairs and so on.

The province encourages the application of advanced technology in production of supporting industry products.

It is inviting projects to produce new, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly materials in all sectors.

In agriculture, for instance, the province desires to boost application of agro-food processing projects, biotechnology, production of high-yield and high-quality plant and animal breeds and even medicinal plants with stress on food safety.

Infrastructure is another major priority area for investment, be it bridges, roads, seaports, water supply and drainage systems and other logistics related projects.

Education and training, healthcare, physical training and sports, tourism, culture combined with tourism, social housing, services for industrial parks, smart urban areas, trade centers, retail chains and other outlets – Dong Nai Province invites investment into projects in all these areas and commits to create conducive conditions for the same.

Huong Ngoc