Dong Nai presents investment opportunities galore

10:24 | 14/12/2020 Companies

(VEN) - A dynamic and economically developed province, Dong Nai offers a wide range of investment opportunities - from hi-tech manufacturing to agriculture, education and tourism.

Currently, the southern province is giving priority to investments in Long Khanh town and the districts of Thong Nhat, Tan Phu, Dinh Quan, Xuan Loc and Cam My.

For industrial production, investors must enter industrial parks under approved plans.

The province consistently creates favorable conditions for investors in all industries in keeping with the Government's international commitments.

Specifically, in the industrial sector, Dong Nai is calling for investment in projects that on the list of hi-tech areas prioritized for development under the Government's regulations; production of components and spare parts in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics - informatics, automotive production and assembly; production of materials for the garment and footwear industries; production of new materials; energy-saving and environmental friendly projects; information technology and the making of hardware and software products.

In agriculture and processing, the province invites investment for agricultural products that are clean, environmentally friendly, and apply biotechnology advances. Dong Nai also encourages businesses producing plant varieties and livestock with high quality and yield while ensuring food safety. Processing of agricultural products and food; cultivation of medicinal herbs and production of pharmaceuticals are other priority investment areas.

Dong Nai is also calling for investment in infrastructure projects like bridges, roads, ports and other aspects of the logistics sector.

The southern province is also keen on attracting investment in education and training, healthcare, sports, tourism (including cultural tourism projects), social housing and provision of various services for industrial zones.

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