Dong Nai hones investment attractions with ideal development ecosystem

06:00 | 05/12/2021 Society

(VEN) - The southern province has made good use of its natural advantages – location, mild climate and proximity to Ho Chi Minh City – to become a magnet for both domestic and foreign investors.

Dong Nai stands adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City, about an hour’s drive away.

Its industrial zone development plan, premised on an advantageous location with good geological features and low construction costs, sets the stage for further development.

It has offered and continues to offer stable power and water supply (for residential areas and industrial zones), well developed information technology and telecommunications infrastructure (ensuring fast internet connections) and a sound banking system to meet the financial needs of investors.

The province continues to develop its infrastructure, apart from the active Dong Nai and Go Dau ports, it is preparing ground for constructing the Phuoc An Port (for ships 60,000 DWT) in Nhon Trach District.

Dong Nai has established itself as a leading industrial development province in the country with 35 industrial parks planned on an area of over 12,055ha

Other advantages

In the coming years, Dong Nai will continue to deploy and complete the system of arterial roads that play an important role in promoting socio-economic, industrial and urban development, connecting it with the national transport system and the southern key economic region.

These projects include: the Ben Luc - Long Thanh expressway project; Dau Giay- Phan Thiet Expressway; and the Dau Giay - Da Lat Expressway.

The national road system passing through Dong Nai province includes: National Highway 1, National Highway 1K, National Highway 20, National Highway 51, National Highway 56 and the Ho Chi Minh - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway. The system connects it with neighboring provinces and promotes economic exchanges. The North-South railway running through Dong Nai is 87.5 km long.

Meanwhile, the much awaited Long Thanh International Airport is under construction. The goal is to build a 4F level international airport by 2025, including 1 runway, 1 passenger terminal and synchronous auxiliary items that can accommodate 25 million passengers and process 1.2 million tonnes of cargo every year.

The province also has a strong human resource base. The working age population is about 1.9 million people, accounting for about 62 percent of the total.

Dong Nai currently has 7 Universities, 10 Colleges, 5 Intermediate Schools, 25 Vocational Education Centers and 20 other establishments registered for vocational education. It provides vocational training for about 75,000 people a year. It also has an international school from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Besides the industrial parks, the province has identified locations to build housing for workers with nearby supermarkets, restaurants, schools, healthcare and sports facilities.

Dong Nai has made clear its commitment to creating the most favourable conditions for companies investing in infrastructure. For instance, those who build houses for workers will be exempt from land rent and corporate income tax.

Interactive administration

The Dong Nai leadership pays constant attention to reforming administrative procedures, settling investment registration procedures and timely resolution of any business registration problems.

Meetings between representatives of provincial leaders, leaders of departments and agencies of the province, and representatives of domestic and foreign enterprises are regularly organized.

These meetings are opportunities to exchange information on local socio-economic development situations, new regulations, important reforms related to the investment environment and answer investors’ questions about the process of implementing projects.

Once the Long Thanh International Airport becomes operational, Dong Nai will move rapidly towards becoming a modern, smart city and an even more attractive destination for investors.

Huong Ngoc