Dong Nai focuses on sustainable tourism development

06:00 | 05/11/2021 Culture & Tourism

(VEN) - Dong Nai is a locality with ideal conditions to develop many types of tourism because of its favorable geographical position and favorable nature. One of the orientations and goals of the province's tourism industry that Dong Nai chooses for sustainable development is eco-tourism and green tourism.

To achieve the goal and develop further, Dong Nai has built many available intra-provincial tourism products with improved quality, while continuing to encourage and create favorable conditions for businesses invest in expanding and upgrading the building of new tourism products suitable to each specific locality. The province also promotes and creates conditions for businesses to accelerate investment in the development of river tourism routes, forest ecotourism routes, fruit garden tourism...

Facing the common difficult challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, many tourism and travel businesses in Dong Nai have flexibly adapted, constantly creating tourism products that catch up with trends such as: health and wellness tourism, meditation tourism, yoga combined with sound therapy in Nam Cat Tien (Tan Phu district); or tours to explore forests, lakes, Vietnamese village culture... This type of tourism is appreciated for its high quality, uniqueness, attracting tourists, and at the same time also contributes to improving the value of the local tourism industry in the near future.

The health and wellness tourism model has emerged in recent years and is increasingly attracting tourists as well as investors. One of the attractive destinations for tourists when experiencing this type of experience in Dong Nai is Thien Tam Natural Herbal and Mineral Mud Resort (Phuoc Tan Ward, Bien Hoa City) with mineral water and mud bathing services, or Thac Mai - Bau hot spring tourist area (Gia Canh commune, Dinh Quan district). Although it has not been properly invested and exploited, on weekends, Thac Mai - Bau hot water resort still attracts visitors from many places to come to experience the forest as well as enjoy the refreshment and relaxation when soaking their feet into the natural mineral water with a temperature of up to 36 degrees Celsius.

Ecotourism in Dong Nai attracts more and more tourists

In addition to diversifying tourism products, today's tourist destinations also make good use of accompanying services with food stalls and product display stalls. The creativity in this service both meets the needs of tourists and increases revenue for the tourism service industry, thereby promoting promotion and bringing clean local products to tourists more.

In order to support businesses and the province's tourism industry to overcome difficulties caused by Covid-19, Dong Nai has promoted the development of tourism products, linked tourist routes within and outside the province, and associated tourism activities with the values ​​of relics and local culture, while ensuring safety criteria for visitors.

Huong Ngoc