Dong Nai films highlight cultural, culinary and scenic attractions

06:00 | 15/12/2021 Culture & Tourism

(VEN) - The Dong Nai Tourism Promotion Center says it will produce and broadcast films that highlight local attractions and promote the province as a safe and attractive tourism destination.

The films are expected to stimulate tourism demand towards the end of this year and early next year.

A 12-episode film will be broadcast on VTC1 and VTC14 channels in the year-end period. Other 3-5 minute promotional videos will also be posted on the YouTube platform. The videos will introduce the province’s attractive destinations with charming natural scenery and relaxing, peaceful spaces that will help viewers make travel decisions during the upcoming holidays.

After a long time of social distancing, tourism demand is gradually increasing again, especially as the holiday season approaches. Therefore, promotional films and videos are a practical and timely solution to revive the province's tourism industry.

In addition to stimulating domestic tourism, Dong Nai's tourism promotion program for the 2021-2022 period will also focus on foreign visitors as the country prepares to reopen international flights.

The province's overall tourism services are showing positive signs of recovery.

In order to recover and adapt to new development trends, Dong Nai will continue to upgrade its smart tourism software system to accommodate new technologies, implement regular updates and add new tourism data. The province will complete and put into operation a plan to hire information technology services and a smart tourism software system including: a tourism portal; tourist digital map; and mobile phone apps. The system will analyze feedback on Dong Nai tourism from social networks and cooperate with a number of partners to develop software for search engines that will promote the province in the fastest and most effective way.

Dong Nai has many famous tourist attractions with beautiful and wild natural landscapes like the Cat Tien National Park, Chua Chan Mountain, Dong Nai River, Tri An Lake and the Mai - Bau Waterfall; not to mention 57 recognized relics and 1,500 other popular monuments...

Dong Nai holds the promise of becoming an ideal tourism destination, satisfying visitors with various products including ecotourism, historical and cultural tours, and diverse options for convalescence, sports and entertainment.

Huong Ngoc