Dong Nai FDI inflow nears $970 million

09:05 | 01/11/2017 Economy

(VEN) - In the first nine months of the year, Industrial Zones in Dong Nai attracted foreign direct investment (FDI) worth US$ 970 million via 52 new projects with a total capital of over US$334 million, 84 projects applying to increase their capital by US$647 million and 4 projects applying to reducing their capital by about US$13 million.

dong nai fdi inflow nears 970 million

The new projects are located in the Long Duc, An Phuoc (Long Thanh District), Nhon Trach 1 (Nhon Trach District), Bau Xeo and Ho Nai (Trang Bom District) industrial zones. The leader in attracting new investment projects is the Bau Xeo Industrial Zone with 2 projects worth US$115 million.

Most of the FDI projects align with the province's priorities. For instance, there are 26 projects in supporting industries for the mechanics, textiles and electronics sectors with a registered capital of nearly US$ 251 million.

Currently, Dong Nai’s 32 industrial zones have attracted 1,560 FDI projects from 41 countries and territories.

Ngoc Han