Dong Nai ensures the supply of goods for upcoming Lunar New Year 2022

06:00 | 01/12/2021 Society

(VEN) - Dong Nai has planned to prepare very early to ensure a sufficient supply of goods for the upcoming Lunar New Year 2022.

From the past three years, each year the amount of goods stocked by production units in the province has increased by 10-15 percent. People's living standards are now gradually improving, the custom of storing goods for Tet holiday has decreased, the situation of hoarding goods to increase prices rarely happens.

However, this year, the Covid-19 pandemic situation is still complicated, so people will intend to store food during Tet holidays to limit travel.

According to forecast, purchasing power for Tet holiday in Dong Nai this year will increase by about five percent compared to last year

According to the province's forecast, purchasing power for this year's Tet holiday will increase by about 5 percent compared to last year's Tet and by 20-25 percent compared to weekdays (increased from December 23 to December 30 of the lunar calendar). This Lunar New Year is one month away from the New Year calendar. The units producing goods for Tet have enough time to prepare, so the quantity and quality of products will be guaranteed.

As planned, Dong Nai Department of Industry and Trade will closely monitor market developments, supply and demand of goods (especially essential items), and work with production businesses serving for Tet to commit to reserve and proactively make additional plans when there is a shortage of goods or a local increase in prices. In addition, the Department will propose to provincial leaders timely response measures to stabilize the market when necessary. The Department will coordinate and create conditions for businesses to carry out trade promotion activities in the domestic market, strengthen promotional activities to reduce prices, encourage businesses to proactively plan to reserve goods to contribute stabilize the market in combination with responding to the campaign "Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods".

The People's Committees of districts and cities of Dong Nai will create conditions and support businesses and business households in the province to organize well stockpiling of goods. The production businesses and markets in the locality actively research the market, and develop production plans to ensure the quantity of goods supplied to the market at a reasonable price.

Production and business units, trade centers, supermarkets use their own capital and other lawful capital sources to reserve goods, organize the supply of goods through agents to serve the upcoming Lunar New Year.

The units that have received state budget loans to participate in the price stabilization program will organize the stockpiling of goods according to the appraised price stabilization plan. At the same time, these units based on their ability to develop mobile sales plans to serve people in remote areas will also receive support from the provincial budget for transportation, labor, and packaging costs.

The units that do not participate in the price stabilization program will organize the stockpiling of goods according to the plan from the capital of their units.

Huong Ngoc