Dong Nai encourages farmers to start business from local products

06:00 | 28/11/2021 Events

(VEN) - A forum highlighted on Dong Nai farmers starting business from local products was successfully held in the province, attracting the participation of more than 200 representatives.

The representatives are from Dong Nai Farmers Association, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Farmers Associations of districts and cities in the province, enterprises, cooperatives, cooperative groups and 200 farmer delegates participated in online forums at the demand points of localities in the province.

At the forum, the delegates exchanged topics on mechanisms and policies for the province's innovation startups, such as: support mechanism under Resolution No.29/2020/NQ-HDND dated December 4, 2020 stipulates the spending content and level of expenditure for the implementation of the Project "Supporting the national innovation start-up ecosystem until 2025" in Dong Nai Province; Resolution 10/2020/NQ-HDND dated July 10, 2020 and Resolution 143/2018/NQ-HDND dated December 7, 2018 on regulations on supporting policies for product association and consuming agricultural products in Dong Nai Province; The project "Improving the role of the Vietnam Farmers Association in supporting farmers to start up and innovate in the period of 2020-2025", and issues related to linkage in production and consumption of agricultural products.

A number of successful start-up project owners, cooperatives and cooperative groups shared their experiences on how to operate projects to improve production and business efficiency. They recommended departments to have mechanisms and policies to timely support farmers to apply scientific and technical advances to production, organize production in chains to improve value, and build brands of agricultural products.

With the development requirements in the period of international economic integration, the trend of starting a business and the aspiration of farmers in the province is increasingly strong. Therefore, the forum like this is very meaningful and timely. Le Huu Thien, Vice Chairman of Dong Nai Farmers Association, said that the association will continue to coordinate with departments and sectors to organize consultancy and orientation for members, farmers and ranchers to choose production models, the most effective business activities while providing knowledge, skills, and organizing activities to support farmer members to start their own creative businesses. The association will also strengthen connections with potential start-up ideas and projects.

Huong Ngoc