Dong Nai: Effective industrial promotion

15:50 | 21/11/2016 Industry

(VEN) - Applying incentive policies on a flexible basis and in compliance with specific conditions to take advantage of local availability, Dong Nai Province’s industrial promotion sector effectively implemented many programs and projects to assist rural industrial establishments to bring into play their internal resources and promote production.

Dong Nai: Effective industrial promotion

Photo: Can Dung

Since early this year, the Dong Nai Industry Promotion Center has implemented many projects effectively. The center attended assessment meetings and held ceremonies to honor and present titles to artisans, skilled craftsmen and people who bring crafts to the local region. Sixteen products were certified as notable rural industrial products, two people were awarded the artisan title and 66 people were awarded the skilled craftsmen title. The center also worked with the council on the list of products entering the regional qualifying round and prepared profiles of these products. Two of the nine recommended products were certified to reach the regional quality standard, including protective clothing product of the Dong Nai Garment Company and chess table product of the Kien Phuc private enterprise.

To improve management and vocational training, the center worked with the provincial Farmers Association to open training courses in business startup in the city of Bien Hoa, Trang Bom, Xuan Loc districts and Long Khanh Town. It also opened training courses in weaving and industrial sewing for 332 workers, and a study tour project in wood and stone fine arts production in central provinces and the Central Highlands.

The center has completed the first draft of the project “Maintenance and development of the Buu Long stone refinery in the city of Bien Hoa in the 2016-2020 period” for submission to the provincial Department of Industry and Trade to draw comments from sectors and localities. Especially, the center conducted visits to rural industrial establishments who would like to receive assistance in machinery and equipment, financed with local industrial promotion funding for 2016.

It also worked with the Long Thanh District Economics Department to review industrial and handicraft establishments subject to land acquisition for the Long Thanh Airport project. The center coordinated with provincial localities to supervise the implementation of handicraft development and restoration projects as well.

However, Dong Nai encountered a lot of difficulties in implementation of projects, notably those in technical demonstration and advanced equipment application models. According to regulations, project registration requires specific beneficiaries and equipment support. However, long processing time, probably more than one year, caused problems such as changes in beneficiaries, investment capital, and technical specifications of the equipment, leading to project adjustments. These procedures are complicated, which not all beneficiaries can meet.

Similarly, the trademark development project cannot complete its financial settlements because the processing time for a trademark certification is from 9 to 12 months.

To ease the problems and help the provincial industrial promotion sector reach the targets, the provincial Department of Industry and Trade has directed to implement policies intensively for key industries and products. The provincial Industry Promotion Center follows up with rural industrial establishments, promptly solves arising problems to meet projects’ deadlines and obtain effective results. The center also conducted surveys and built 2017 national industrial promotion plan for early submission to the authority for approval. 


Hai Linh