Dong Nai biology high-tech park to be set up

16:12 | 27/05/2016 Science - Technology

The PM has decided to establish the Dong Nai biology high-tech park under the management of the Dong Nai provincial People’s Committee.

Dong Nai biology high-tech park to be set up

Dong Nai is one of three provinces and cities that have a biology high-tech park - Illustrative image

The new high-tech park will be located on an area of 207.8 hectares at Cam My district, Dong Nai province.

It is in charge of researching, developing, transferring, and using high-tech applications on biological technology; training manpower on the field; producing and doing business; and providing biology high-tech services.

The People’s Committee takes the prime responsibility to work with the Ministry of Science and Technology to craft operational regulation and submit it to the PM for issuance.

They were asked to establish a management board and arrange manpower to run the facility./.


Source: VGP