Dong Nai attracts additional 163 million USD in FDI

16:35 | 19/02/2017 Economy

The southern province of Dong Nai has lured 16 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects worth almost 163 million USD since the start of the year, announced the provincial Department of Planning and Investment.

llustrative image (Source: VNA)

Of the investment, 126.7 million USD was registered to pour into seven new projects and the remainder (36.2 million USD) was added to nine existing projects.

The new projects mainly came from the Republic of Korea (RoK), Japan, Singapore, British Virgin Islands and Germany.

According to the Department of Planning and Investment, FDI projects invested in Dong Nai province recently focus on its prioritised fields such as high technology, supporting industry and environmentally friendly projects.

By February 15, a total of 1,671 FDI projects had been invested in the province with a combined capital of 30.46 billion USD, including 1,260 valid projects worth 25.83 billion USD.

These projects came from 44 countries and territories, with the RoK, Taiwan (China) and Japan being the leading investors.

Theo VNA