Do Ngoc Tan: An outstanding petroleum engineer

09:10 | 01/07/2015 Companies

(VEN) - Although involved with the oil and gas industry for five years, Do Ngoc Tan has been recognized as a young, enthusiastic, dynamic and skilled engineer.

Do Ngoc Tan: An outstanding petroleum engineer

Do Ngoc Tan was honored as an outstanding petroleum worker for the year

Born in 1984, Tan graduated in mechanical engineering from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education, and has been employed by the PetroVietnam Gas South East Transmission Company (PV Gas Se) since 2010. He has contributed significantly to the development of the company as well as the oil and gas industry and was recently honored as an outstanding petroleum worker.

Do Ngoc Tan was assigned to undertake many different tasks including checking, repairing, maintaining equipment and machinery and procuring spare parts for several projects such as central compression platform (CCP) and riser block (RB) at the White Tiger (Bach Ho) field, and gas compression platform (GCP) at the Dragon (Rong) field. He often collaborates with counterparts in other units including Vietsovpetro Joint Venture, Hoang Long Joint Operating Company (Hoang Long JOC), Cuu Long Joint Operating Company (Cuu Long JOC) and Japan Vietnam Petroleum Corporation (JVPC) in joint-operating tasks in the Cuu Long Basin.

He regularly works on oil rigs and floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels in severe weather conditions and under time limit pressures as oil rigs in Bach Ho field and Cuu Long Basin are outdated and need regular maintenance. His professional love along with corporate preferential treatment has helped him complete his work.

He has proposed many initiatives to rationalize production related to compression and transportation of gas from the Cuu Long Basin to the mainland. His initiatives have been applied to fixing a 15 KW motor at the gas compression platform in Rong field, installing the AC drive for the motherboard of the AC drive inverter at the MSP9 rig; Solution transformation, raising the pressure for Vom Bac low-pressure compressor cluster, overhauling high-pressure compressor cluster at the gas compression platform in Rong field, and manufacturing gas compressor parts.

“In addition to my own efforts, working in a professional environment, with skilled and sincere petroleum workers, has helped me to perform my job to the best of my abilities. Moreover, the leaders of the company, corporation, Party Committee, labor union and youth union have always encouraged and supported me in all my works, which inspire me to accomplish assigned tasks,” Tan said.

In addition to being a skilled engineer, he also does well as an executive committee member of the company’s youth union. He has collaborated with the comrades of the executive committee to organize several campaigns dedicated to the company’s youth union members, contributing to improving in the morale of young members in their work and social life. He also regularly participated in the company’s volunteer movements and has achieved some accomplishments in terms of arts and sports.

 Do Ngoc Tan is a dynamic, funny and sincere worker. He feels happy working in the oil and gas industry, where he can hear and share concerns and dreams of the older generations. He is proud of being a petroleum worker and is determined to bring his knowledge and enthusiasm into full play to make a small contribution to the development of the oil and gas industry.

Do Ngoc Tan has received several annual role model titles for corporate outstanding inpiduals, and certificates of merit from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group and its Trade Union.

Mai Phuong