DKSH pledges to invest in Vietnam’s human resources

09:53 | 29/08/2018 Companies

(VEN) - Jorge Martin-Martinez, General Director, DKSH Vietnam, explains how to establish a talent attraction and retention strategy in our changing world.

dksh pledges to invest in vietnams human resources
Jorge Martin-Martinez, General Director, DKSH Vietnam

Technology is rapidly changing how people work and connect with each other. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data start to exercise stronger influence in many different aspects of our daily lives and businesses. Robots will likely replace humans for many of their repetitive tasks.

These are key trends that are having an impact on both the needs of clients and consumers as well how businesses respond to these rapidly evolving needs.

Consequently, these changing forces will also impact the future of the workforce. In an ever-specialized world, the complexity of tasks left for humans will likely increase, but in turn, it will also provide huge opportunities for employees to embrace the challenges and show their full capabilities. To address this extra complexity, the skill set for talents will likely require much more diversity and adaptability, well beyond the traditional focus on creativity and innovation. An attractive work environment will have to distinguish itself through its culture, quality leadership and appropriate exposure to diversity in order to foster an ever-learning environment and to develop and retain these new talents.

Going through big changes in the business environment, employers need to be completely ready for the transformation and foresee and adapt to the disruptive trends. They must help set up the right environment to transform the organization, continuously enhancing the awareness of employees on the impact of changes to the business, and they must help drive the optimization of their organization structure for the best efficiency and productivity. They should also aim to set a long-term vision for Human Resources (HR) as strategic partners enabling a positive leadership culture and leveraging technology for a great work environment that leads to sustainable and profitable businesses.

At DKSH, it is its on-going commitment to make the work experience special and valuable. DKSH comprises a significant variety of services, clients, industries, products, regions and employees to offer a broad range of on-the-job learning and development opportunities. Thus, employees have the chance to learn about different areas that go beyond their current roles. This helps promote versatility and adaptability among its employees.

With these opportunities, employees can take charge of many new tasks at work, take on different roles and be involved in projects that reach different markets and countries. This environment based on continuous evolution and learning helps handle the increasing complexity that trends in technology demand.

DKSH offers a dynamic growth environment and a unique work culture. At DKSH, employees can shape their career. Everyone can literally write their own ticket. Everyone is encouraged to take business responsibility and challenge themselves to see the positive impact their work can have on the lives of others.

In March 2018 DKSH Vietnam was named as one of “Vietnam Best Places to Work 2017”. This annual award is

announced by Anphabe, a leading career network of management professionals in Vietnam and Intage Vietnam, an

experienced market research company.

The survey was conducted independently, with in-depth interviews, qualitative and quantitative surveys to capture the

most objective comments. This year’s survey is the largest ever with over 26,100 candidates from 24 industries. The

survey team also conducted in-depth interviews with 50 HR managers, of which 25 percent came from Vietnamese

enterprises and 75 percent were foreign.

This award is the result of our continuous commitment to create a better work environment for our employees. The

award not only honors DKSH as one of Vietnam’s Best Places to Work, but also demonstrates that DKSH nurtures

the potential in people and offers an attractive work environment that satisfies employees’ needs.

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