DKSH is in the mission of enriching people’s lives

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(VEN) - Leading market expansion services provider DKSH has a long and wide-ranging presence in Vietnam. It started way back in 1890 and re-entered a hundred years later in 1991. Today its reach covers all 63 provinces and cities in the country.

dksh is in the mission of enriching peoples lives
Vietnamese President Nguyen Xuan Phuc on November 27 hosted a reception in Bern (Switzerland) for Mr. Adrian T. Keller, DKSH’s Honorary Chairman and member of the founding family (Photo: VNA)

The Switzerland based firm DKSH offers sourcing, market insights, marketing and sales, e-commerce, distribution and logistics as well as after-sales services. Listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, it operates in 36 markets with 32,450 specialists, generating net sales of billions of CHF in 2020.

DKSH’s re-entry into Vietnam was prompted by the government’s “open door” policy. The company obtained an operating license as a fully foreign invested enterprise providing sales, marketing and logistics services.

In 2009, the company’s name was changed to DKSH Vietnam Co., Ltd. to contribute to the formation and launch of a unified and global DKSH brand.

Today, DKSH Vietnam is a leading name in the field of providing market expansion services for businesses that want to develop in Asia and beyond. It helps companies grow their business in existing markets and expand into new ones. Its services range from sourcing, market insights to marketing and sales, distribution and logistics, and after sale services in four key business units: Consumer goods, healthcare, performance materials and technology.

A versatile ‘pathfinder,’ DKSH has been constantly updating its services to meet the increasing and diverse needs of clients and customers. It operates today in all 63 provinces and cities with 18 representative offices and six distribution centers. It has more than 4,000 employees who serve hundreds of brands and thousands of corporate customers.

“We are committed to building long-term business partnerships in the country, and continuously strive to bring world-class standards to industries in Vietnam while also contributing to the development of local communities”, said Jorge Martin-Martinez, Vice President, Indochina Finance & Head Country Management, DKSH Vietnam.

dksh is in the mission of enriching peoples lives
Jorge Martin-Martinez, Vice President, Indochina Finance & Head Country Management, DKSH Vietnam

Trusted partner

DKSH is the partner behind the sustainable success of many well-known FMCG brands in Vietnam. In 2020, the Japanese confectionary manufacturer Morinaga chose DKSH as their strategic partner to launch Hi-Chew Candy and DARS chocolate in Vietnam. DKSH has been entrusted to provide sales and marketing, distribution and logistics as well as after-sales services for both brands.

DKSH also has a long history supporting Ovaltine, a famous barley malt nutritious drink, with brand growth across different markets, including Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Alongside consumer goods, DKSH also brings high-quality healthcare products to the Vietnamese market. With the extreme growth of online shopping, especially during the pandemic, DKSH is currently supporting many consumer health brands with their omni-channel e-commerce, achieving remarkable results.

In addition to consumer goods and healthcare, DKSH has also been focusing on its performance materials in Vietnam. The business unit is distributing a wide range of raw materials and ingredients for food and beverage, cosmetics, supplements, and specialty chemicals for other industries, such as plastic and rubber, industrial painting, construction, and agriculture among others.

In Vietnam, DKSH is a reliable partner of more than 150 clients and suppliers of specialty chemicals and food ingredients, such as Dow, Diversey, Ashland, DSM, and Tate & Lyle among others, offering technological devices and solutions as well as market access through a strategic supplier network with extensive distribution centers and offices.

Technology has been one of the leading industries in Vietnam and one of DKSH’s key business units. In 2021, DKSH has just recently launched its new scientific and demonstration center at the University of Technology in Ho Chi Minh City to strengthen DKSH’s service offering and provide a platform to demonstrate its capability to customize solutions.

The new state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped with many of academia’s and the industry’s most advanced technologies and analysis equipment from leading brands, including Agilent, Malvern, PANalytical, bioMérieux, Buchi, Leica, Rudolph and Lauda among others.

Reflecting on DKSH journey in Vietnam, Head of Country Management, Jorge Martin-Martinez, shared: “Vietnam and Switzerland have just commemorated our 50-year anniversary of diplomatic relations, further enhancing the strong ties and collaboration between the two countries. This is the motivation for businesses like DKSH to constantly put our best foot forward to ensure sustainable development and continue with our commitment to invest in Vietnam’s infrastructure and people.”

Pandemic assistance

This year, when Covid-19 cases increased significantly in Vietnam, DKSH not only contributed financial assistance but also donated medical equipment, personal protective equipment, and essential goods to frontline hospitals and field hospitals nationwide in partnership with the Ministry of Health and other supporting organizations. Furthermore, DKSH Vietnam joined hands in providing hundred thousand syringes for vaccination in the fight against the pandemic. All of these activities are under DKSH’s commitment of US$1 million for Vietnam to overcome the pandemic.

“We sincerely thank all the doctors, nurses, and volunteers who do their utmost and hope our humble contribution will help saving lives. I believe that together, we will overcome these challenging times”, stated Mr. Martin-Martinez, Head of Country Management, DKSH Vietnam.

Not only that, DKSH has also played a critical role in preserving the supply chain of essential products during this vulnerable period. Throughout the total lockdown periods in various cities and provinces, many DKSH employees have sacrificed their own time and comforts to stay at the workplace for more than 100 days, to ensure access to essential products for millions of Vietnamese.

Recognition over three decades

With the work it has done for more than three decades, DKSH Vietnam has achieved multiple recognitions, including: the Supply Chain Excellence - awarded by Vietnam Supply Chain Association (2014); Bronze Award for Best Customer Experience - awarded by Call Center Association Singapore (2016); Outstanding Sustainable Business in Asia - awarded by MORS (2018); 100 Best Working Environments in Vietnam - awarded by Anphabe (2019); Best Employers Award - awarded by the most authoritative publication for human resources professionals, HR Asia (2020 and 2021) and recently, DKSH Vietnam was one of winners in Corporate Excellence category at Asia Pacific Enterprise Award 2021 for their comprehensive business.

“Throughout our 30-year heritage in Vietnam, DKSH has been investing in our people as we believe that they are one of our most valuable assets. We empower all employees to drive growth and be the difference. I also hope that all the employees have been enjoying a challenging, stimulating, exciting, and a continuous learning and developmental experience at DKSH.

“Winning these prestigious awards is a testament to our efforts and commitment in fostering a working environment of professionalism, well-being and equality for our employees while encouraging them to learn, act with purpose, care about others, deliver with direction and grow with passion,” said Mr. Martin-Martinez.

In conclusion, he added: “I am immensely proud of what we have achieved in Vietnam when I look back at the journey of these significant and remarkable years. We have been through various challenges and become stronger as the leading market expansion services provider in Vietnam.”

dksh is in the mission of enriching peoples lives
dksh is in the mission of enriching peoples lives

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