Digital transformation campaign surges ahead

06:00 | 26/09/2020 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Vietnamese digital technology enterprises will create a breakthrough in the implementation of the “Make in Vietnam” strategy as well as strive to master technology and create new services and business models.

digital transformation campaign surges ahead

Domestic enterprises are fully capable of mastering advanced technology

National platforms vs foreign ones

The “Make in Vietnam” campaign emphasizes creativity, design, mastery of technology and production in Vietnam. The population of nearly 100 million people and the Government’s policies in promoting digital transformation create a favorable opportunity for the campaign.

Vietnam’s digital platforms, such as distance learning, telemedicine, remote work, teleconference, remote accounting services, online journalism platforms and network safety and security platforms have a proven ability to compete with foreign products.

According to Nguyen Huy Dung, Director General of the Authority of Information Technology Application under the Ministry of Information and Communications, Vietnam’s digital technology platforms are not inferior to other countries, and in some cases they even have an edge over them due to the understanding of the domestic market and culture. Before their launch, the Ministry of Information and Communications assesses the level of network security and safety of Vietnamese platforms. In addition, user data are stored in the country and complied with legal regulations on network security and safety.

According to Dau Ngoc Huy, Founder and CEO of Vietnam’s largest communications programming platform Stringee, with the advantage of increased security features and cost savings, Vietnamese enterprises are fully capable of mastering technology and competing with similar international platforms. Vietnam’s information technology enterprises also have a wide knowledge of Vietnamese culture and can support businesses in digital transformation.

100,000 digital technology firms

An initiative of the Ministry of Information and Communications to promote the technology industry in Vietnam, “Make in Vietnam” takes its inspiration from “Made in China 2025”, “Make in India,” “Made in Japan” and other campaigns. It aims to position Vietnam among the top 30 countries in information technology development.

The ministry is also building a draft national strategy on development for Vietnamese digital firms to 2030 to implement the Prime Minister’s Instruction 01/CT-TTg on promoting the development of digital technology. The strategy aims to provide systematic, specific solutions and mobilize resources in order to exploit strengths and take advantage of opportunities to develop Vietnamese digital technology enterprises.

According to the strategy, Vietnam will have 70,000 digital technology enterprises, with 1.2 million workers by 2025, compared to some 50,000 now. The average growth rate of digital technology enterprises’ revenue is 1.5-2 times higher than the gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate. The export value of these enterprises increases on average from 10-20 percent per year.

By 2030, Vietnam will have 100,000 digital technology enterprises and 1.5 million digital technology employees. The revenue of digital technology enterprises will increase on average 2-3 times higher than the GDP growth rate. The export value of digital technology enterprises will increase by an average of 20-30 percent per year, contributing 20 percent of GDP growth and 70 percent of digital economic growth.

To achieve the goals, the Ministry of Information and Communications has proposed groups of solutions, such as creating a development environment for local digital technology enterprises, promoting capacity in digital technology research, creating a dynamic market for digital technology enterprises, developing data industries and digital technology ecosystems, renewing human development models and modes of employing labor specialized in digital technology.

Vietnam’s digital technology enterprises are the driving force for turning Vietnam into a high-income industrialized country by 2045.

Quynh Nga