DIGI-TEXX: Long-term commitment to Vietnam

09:55 | 28/06/2017 Companies

(VEN) - DIGI-TEXX has provided Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services in Vietnam since 2003. Vietnam Economic News’ My My spoke with Alex Bischoff, General Director of DIGI-TEXX VIETNAM about the BPO sector and the company’s success story and “German Quality -Made in Vietnam” services.

Alex Bischoff, General Director of DIGI-TEXX VIETNAM

What are advantages and challenges for DIGI-TEXX as one of the leading BPO service providers in Vietnam?

Top advantages would be political stability, the availability of the infrastructure we need in our business and the total cost at which we can offer our services. We are competing with several countries in the region and the solidity that Vietnam provided over the past two decades is very meaningful for our industry. This helps our customers to build trust in the security they demand.

We also need fast Internet lines and continuous electricity, on both accounts the country has made vast investments and both work.

Furthermore, compared to what our customers could do in-house they expect an equal or better service and quality at lower costs. DIGI-TEXX is able to attract very good people who are willing and able to learn fast and at the current labor cost, we can offer our services at competitive prices.

The challenges would be to convince customers to outsource to Vietnam. It is a new destination in this market and not yet well known. We are working with Quang Trung Software City, through VNITO and other alliances to change this perception and build up Vietnam as an outsourcing destination.

Is Vietnam still potential for foreign businesses in BPO? How could Vietnam remain one of the most attractive destinations for the BPO industry in the years to come?

Yes, certainly we are only at the beginning. The promoting of Vietnam as a stable and potential location for BPO is important. Also to stay cost competitive is necessary. This can be done in combination with tax incentives and while offering BPO workspaces outside of big cities where office space and cost of living are lower than in the metropolis.

You celebrated the 14th anniversary this April, congratulations. What strengths does DIGI-TEXX have for sustainable development and which role does your Human Resource Department play?

Thank you and we are very proud of each year we get older. Actually the success and sustainability are only possible if you have excellent people. We are working hard to find the right people for each of the job levels we provide. We have our in-house training academy to onboard the people and make them fit for the job. Further we also nurture high potentials and give them a chance to lean and develop beyond the knowledge needed for the job. We train soft and hard skills and invest also in sending our people abroad to learn about other cultures. With the over 30 languages we offer many opportunities for employees who show their willingness to develop. Therefore our human resource department is an integral part of the whole development of our people.

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