Dien Bien’s efficient industry promotion

16:20 | 12/02/2017 Industry

(VEN) - The Industry Promotion Center in the northwestern province of Dien Bien did a good job and reached the targets set for 2016, strictly following the industry promotion sector’s agenda, according to the center’s director, Nguyen Van Bay.  

dien biens efficient industry promotion

Businesses access capital

Director Bay said that in 2016, the center disbursed VND675 million in national industry capital for a number of projects, up 337.5 percent from 2015. The beneficiaries were a project for application of advanced machinery in corn and cassava production at the Quang Lanh Trading Co., Ltd. (VND250 million); a project for application of advanced machinery in coffee production at the Hai An Co., Ltd. (VND250 million); and a project for application of advanced machinery for manufacturing office and household furniture at the Leading Co., Ltd. (VND175 million).

In addition, the center disbursed local industry promotion capital for three projects: 1) a showcase at the 2016 northern industrial goods fair; 2) an industry promotion workshop; and 3) industry promotion through the media. Both local and national industry promotion programs for 2016 were accomplished on time, Bay said.

dien biens efficient industry promotion

The 2016 projects have had clear and concrete impact

The Quang Lanh Trading Co., Ltd. processes farm produce and forest products. Before the company benefited from industry promotion assistance, it possessed outdated equipment, resulting in poor quality products with high production costs. In 2016, Quang Lanh procured a 30-tonne-per day corn dryer worth VND700 million, VND250 million of which was funded by the national industry promotion program. With the new dryer, the company has churned out standard corn for use in food processing.

Since it bought a sawmill - the KS226 - worth VND350 million, including VND175 million funded by the national industry promotion program, the Leading Co., Ltd. in Thanh Truong Ward of Dien Bien Phu City has produced more than1,000 products of different kinds per year. The result is improved revenues and jobs for hundreds of workers with an average pay of VND4.5 million per month.

dien biens efficient industry promotion

By assisting businesses to develop production, national and local industry promotion programs have been contributing to socioeconomic development in Dien Bien Province.

VND750 million for industrial promotion in 2017

The Industry Promotion Center of Dien Bien Province has prepared four national industry promotion plans and projects worth VND600 million and one local industry promotion project worth VND150 million for 2017.

Industry promotion in Dien Bien Province is still facing a number of difficulties and challenges. There are no industrial zones for small to medium-sized enterprises in the province. Province-based businesses still have small-scale, scattered operation and are located far from central communes and districts, making it difficult for the center to select project beneficiaries.

At the same time, the provincial industry promotion center is understaffed and thus unable to perform some of its functions. There are no commune, ward and township industry promotion officials, resulting in inefficient verification of firms worthy of project investment.

dien biens efficient industry promotion

Center Director Nguyen Van Bay said the center will survey industrial and handicraft establishments while, at the same time, introducing industry promotion policies to producers in order to promote investment development.

He proposed that sectors and relevant authorities at different levels increase financial assistance for industry promotion, energy efficiency and cleaner production, especially for infrastructure construction in the industrial zone in the eastern part of Tuan Giao District.

The Dien Bien Province People’s Committee has approved a provincial industry promotion program with an overall objective of mobilizing assistance for organizations and individuals to develop industry on a sustainable basis, improve competitiveness, develop cleaner production, and improve the efficiency of natural resource use.

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