Dien Bien supports rural industrial production

14:52 | 14/03/2016 Industry

(VEN) - The Dien Bien Industry Promotion Center has provided consultancy and financial support for the Hai An Co. Ltd in Muong Ang District’s Muong Ang Town to develop clean coffee products.

Dien Bien supports rural industrial production

According to Hai An Co. Ltd Director Truong Van An, coffee is a mainstay for farmers in Dien Bien Province’s Muong Ang District who annually harvest about 150,000 tonnes of coffee fruit. Muong Ang is suitable for Arabica coffee development and the district’s coffee products have been rated the same quality as that grown in Da Lat by experts.

“The Hai An Co. Ltd. is involved in production of clean coffee products which are free from non-organic fertilizers, chemical pesticides and additives. The company will produce coffee beans, powder and bags, with monthly output of around one tonne,” An said.

To ensure raw material for production, the company has set aside 20ha of coffee, with two cultivated under the Common Code for the Coffee Community (4C) standard, and has agreed contracts with local coffee farmers.

“We have imported modern VND2.2 billion coffee roasting and grinding systems from Italy in Completely Knocked Down (CKD) as we were unable to afford Completely Built-Up (CBU) models,” An said.

Recognizing Hai An’s Difficulties, the Dien Bien Industry Promotion Center has financially supported the company to purchase a 100kg coffee-bean roaster as part of its 2016 Industry Promotion Plan which has been approved by the Regional Industry Development Agency.

“The provincial industry promotion plan has proved effective with small-sized businesses as Hai An. The financial support, despite being modest, has encouraged us to move forward,” An said.

Hai An has received orders for coffee bags from Dutch distributors and has ordered coffee bag making machines from Chinese partners. The closed coffee bag production process will need further financial support from the province.

An said that they are currently concerned about the local coffee product promotional efforts which have failed to attract consumers. Currently, Hai An markets its Muong Ang coffee products but intends to market other products under its own brand name in the long run. That means the center’s assistance will be vital in the coming time. 


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