Dialogues connect Dong Nai with the world

15:58 | 19/11/2015 Cooperation

(VEN) - Dong Nai’s relations with foreign localities are expanding in a wide range of fields, significantly contributing to the province’s socioeconomic development.

Dialogues connect Dong Nai with the world

Dong Nai Province People’s Committee Chairman Dinh Quoc Thai and Japanese Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Koya Nishikawa sign a cooperation agreement

Growing connectivity

So far, Dong Nai Province has established relations and promoted economic cooperation with 37 foreign partners from 12 countries and territories, including the Republic of Korea (RoK), Japan, China, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Dubai, France, the US, the Ukraine, and New Zealand. This has helped Dong Nai attract growing foreign investment. The province has also attached great importance to strengthening the traditional friendship with neighboring countries such as Laos and Cambodia.

Dong Nai has successfully organized investment and trade promotion trips to Dubai, Thailand, the RoK, Japan, the US, and Canada. Through these activities, the province has attracted the attention of a growing number of foreign investors, especially from Japan, the RoK, and Chinese Taipei.

Practical and effective cooperation

In May Dong Nai signed cooperation agreements with partners from Japan, Chinese Taipei, and Thailand, focusing on boosting the development of support industries in the province.

Under a framework agreement on economic cooperation between Dong Nai Province and Japan’s Kansai Region, the Kansai Bureau of Economics, Trade and Industry agreed to increase cooperation with Dong Nai Province to boost sustainable economic development in Dong Nai. Dong Nai will improve the operations of the Kansai Desk so that it can provide effective support for businesses from the Kansai Region when investing in the province. The Kansai Bureau of Economics, Trade and Industry will promote Japanese investment in Dong Nai in support industries. The Long Duc Industrial Park in Long Thanh District is expected to become a model of cooperation between Dong Nai Province and the Kansai Region. So far, 18 Japanese investors, including eight businesses from the Kansai Region, have been granted investment licenses to invest in this industrial park.

The Dong Nai Customs Department and the Taiwan Business Association in Dong Nai have signed a cooperation agreement to develop customs-business relations. Currently, Chinese Taipei tops the list of countries and territories investing in Dong Nai, with more than 270 projects totally capitalized at over US$4.8 billion.

A delegation of officials from the province of East Flanders (Belgium), led by Deputy Governor Geert Versnick, recently visited and met Dong Nai People’s Committee Chairman Dinh Quoc Thai. The two sides talked about their respective advantages, especially in the field of agriculture, and the potential for bilateral cooperation. Chairman Dinh Quoc Thai expressed the wish that cooperation between the two provinces in the fields of hi-tech agriculture and agricultural products processing would continue expanding in the time to come.


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