Development opportunities for support industries

15:06 | 09/06/2015 Industry

(VEN) - Thailand’s Reed Tradex has continuously provided technology and equipment for Vietnam’s fairs and exhibitions, contributing to promoting the development of industrial production sectors. The company continues to organize events in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City this year with the aim of promoting cooperation in support industries. Duangdej Yuaikwarmdee, the Deputy Managing Director and General Manager Vietnam of Reed Tradex Co., Ltd. talked to Vietnam Economic News’ Nguyen Huong about the issue.

How do you assess the Vietnamese support industries?

Vietnam is one of the production bases having the fastest growing rate for support industries, especially the electronics industry. The Vietnamese manufacturing and support industries have made positive changes and have played an important role in promoting the development of major industrial sectors. Your country has become the first destination for foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows along with an increase in demand for domestic industrial parts. This requires that industrial sectors should have an understanding of essential factors affecting the development of support industries.

In addition to the government’s support, businesses need to strengthen cooperation in building network and help support industries participate in the value chain.

Which opportunities will Vietnam Manufacturing Expo and NEPCON Vietnam offer for support industries? What are the highlights of this year’s events?

Vietnam Manufacturing Expo will focus on mold making and plastic injection technologies. In terms of mold making, visitors will have the opportunity to discover machine tools from leading providers with the participation of many experts and engineers. They will be present at booths to talk about the most advanced technology solutions. Mold making knowledge and know-how and product maintenance methods will be introduced by technology providers from Japan, China, Chinese Taipei, the Republic of Korea and India, and those from Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia will also introduce various molds with optimal efficiency.

In addition to mold making, plastic injection technologies have recorded significant growth and this sector has made great contributions to the development of support industries. It seems to be a great advantage for the Vietnamese support industries when the government has adopted policies to reduce imports of plastic parts. Vietnam Manufacturing Expo will help the sector improve competitiveness, reduce costs and optimize production lines thanks to new knowledge and advanced technology.

NEPCON Vietnam in Hanoi will be the only event for SMT solution, technology and testing equipment providers in the electronic manufacturing sector. The event will see the participation of around 7,000 visitors and will be one of the most effective marketing tools for SMT providers. The exhibition will also introduce knowledge and know-how to increase market share in the north.

A combination of the two exhibitions will create a trading hub for the manufacturers’ community. It is expected that 280 exhibitors and more than 20,000 visitors will be present at the two events.

What plans and visions does Reed Tradex have for Vietnam and ASEAN?

To catch up the opportunities provided by the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), we plan to introduce another three exhibitions including high-tech retail trading, consumer goods and the Sheet METALEX.

Visitors’ benefits are seen as a top priority. We will also introduce new technology to help Vietnamese businesses prepare for next steps in the future. Exhibitions will see the participation of engineers and inventors with a desire to provide knowledge for Vietnamese businesses in order to help them attract more investors in support industries.