Developing a 25 MW solar power project in Ninh Thuan

10:08 | 31/08/2015 Industry

A 25 MW PV Technology Solar Power Project, using PV with an about VND 825 billion total investment being urgently developed by HBRE Wind Energy Solutions Co., Ltd in Ninh Thuan province.

Developing a 25 MW solar power project in Ninh Thuan

According to HBRE Company, after installing the station for monitoring solar radiation energy to assess the feasibility basis of the project in Ninh Thuan province, the Company promptly conducted solar radiation energy measurements in project area by the "SOLAR-100" radiometer of AMPROBE Firm, accordingly that the actual measurement data.

By the assessments of HBRE the actual measurement data are equivalent with ones from the map of potential solar energy of Vietnam taken from satellites provided by NASA.

The actual measurement results have appreciated the potential and strengths on solar energy field of Ninh Thuan province and demonstrated the project area selected by HBRE for the solar power project to be suitable.

After listening to the HBRE report on the monitoring measurement results, the plan for project implementation and relevant petitions, Vice President of Ninh Thuan Provincial People's Committee Vo Dai high appreciated the project investment determination of the Investor and asked . departments, localities in the province to continue support and create favorable conditions for investor to implement and put the HBRE solar power project into operation soon to contribute to the socio-economic and the renewable energy industry development of the province, in order to build Ninh Thuan province step by step becoming a clean energy center of the country./.