Designed for success: Banking University HCMC taps international trends

14:41 | 05/06/2018 Economy

(VEN) - With top notch training that meets the demands of both domestic and international business environments, the Banking University HCMC’s high quality and Banking Bachelor’s program helps students build a solid foundation for a successful career in their chosen fields, because the training provided meets the demands of both domestic and international business environments.

banking university hcmc taps international trends

The program reflects the university’s constant endeavor to provide the most formal and advanced training and orientation even as it focuses on core values like in-depth, modern expertise matching international standards, ability to self-study and self-learn, ability to practice and apply acquired knowledge and skills, soft skills and leadership skills, foreign language proficiency, and ability to meet international integration demands and challenges.

Candidates must have a high school diploma or equivalent under the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, and meet other selection criteria.

Salient features

Once they join the high quality Finance and Banking Bachelors program, students are first quipped with basic knowledge of the natural sciences, social sciences, economics, business administration, accounting, business law and other relevant disciplines. Then they receive training to acquire in-depth knowledge of finance and banking so that they understand different theories of finance, banking and financial markets and institutions, corporate finance, finance for multinational companies, financial investments, investment portfolio management, banking business operations, credit, domestic and international payments, project evaluation and sponsorship, security issues and so on. They also get to learn and practice research methodologies of international standard.

The program also pays a lot of attention to strengthening English and IT proficiency, and to imparting soft skills in general. English reinforcement is delivered via five modules in the first two years of the program. Each module has four units of credit combining four skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing, from low to high levels in accordance with national standards, IELTS or equivalent. A student’s final grade must have a minimum level a 3/6 level fluency in English, in accordance with the sixth degree competence framework in Vietnam or IETLS 4.5. At the end of the program, the student’s English language proficiency must be at least at level 4 in accordance with the six-level competence framework of Vietnam, or IETLS 5.5.

The soft skills training is provided in four modules that focus on effective communication skills, presentation skills, writing skills, personal resume writing skills and interviewing.

The graduate

The program, in effect, imparts the knowledge and abilities that students need to participate in intensive training or postgraduate studies in economics, finance and banking. Graduates will have the capacity to develop and implement projects, plans and programs in finance and banking for individuals, companies, government institutions and other agencies, nationally and internationally.

Besides professional expertise, students are trained to think critically and systematically, explore new knowledge on their own, work well with teams, and communicate effectively at different levels. This will aid both self and community development.

The program also familiarizes students with the State’s policies and guidelines, stresses the importance of compliance and instils a sense of discipline.

Course details

The high-quality Bachelor’s program in Finance and Banking is designed for four years with eight main semesters and three summer semesters. During the first seven semesters, the learning takes place mainly in lecture halls. The final semester is dedicated to probation and working on the graduation thesis. Students can register to re-study courses in both major semesters and summer semesters to improve on their grades. The summer semesters are organized according to the needs of the students.

The training complies with the current regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.

To graduate, students must complete the entire program of training at average and higher levels. Assessment follows a marking scheme of 10 marks or points.

Like other programs, students also obtain five credits in Physical Education and eight credits in Defense Education.

Modern facilities

Banking University HCMC has always paid particular attention to developing facilities that best serve the teaching, learning and scientific activities of lecturers and students. The university has two training centers in District 1 and Thu Duc District with a total area of 11 hectares. The modern campus in Thu Duc District has 100 lecture halls with sound systems, projectors and other equipment to facilitate seminars and other functions. It also has a spacious hall with 900 seats. Two libraries with a total area of 2,650 square meters – one at the Thu Duc campus and other at 39 Ham Nghi – have just been upgraded. They have more than 40,000 book titles and materials of all kinds, along with exclusive modern computer systems to access the internet and a large database.

The university has 328 guest rooms in its student hostel in Thu Duc District, close to the lecture halls and library, accommodating over 2,600 people, including a four-story dormitory with 40 comfortable and special rooms. WiFi coverage is provided throughout at the 56 Hoang Dieu II - Thu Duc and District 1 campuses to facilitate easy and quick internet access, enabling students and teachers to study and research topics of interest.

New investments have also been made in air-conditioned classrooms and other modern facilities, including computer labs, self-study rooms, textbooks and other reference materials in English, and electronic data.

Xuan Bac