Design contest for Kilometre Zero landmark calls for applications

11:03 | 06/06/2020 Society

A contest seeking designs for the ‘Kilometre Zero’ landmark, a national cultural symbol and significant tourist site next to Hoàn Kiếm Lake, has recently been launched.

This photo shows one of three locations expected to place the Kilometre Zero landmark — Photo

The contest is jointly organised by Kiến Trúc (Architecture) Magazine and Vietnam Association of Architects in cooperation with Hà Nội People’s Committee.

It aims to find the best design for the Kilometre Zero landmark, one of the most important parts in the project of the construction, renovation and embellishment of the area around Hoàn Kiếm (Returned Sword) Lake. The design is expected to improve the public space in the area, making it appropriate to the status and value of the historical relic and special national landscape.

The contest is open for designing organisations; schools and institutes of culture, fine arts or architecture; Vietnamese citizens including sculptors, artists, architects or students majoring in culture, fine arts or architecture.

The entries propose the designs of Kilometre Zero landmark at one of three locations provided by the organisation board. The winning work is expected to not only show geographical indication but also be highly symbolic, showcasing the cultural and historical identity of Hà Nội, the capital with thousands of years of civilisation.

It should be a public artwork in harmony with the landscape surrounding Returned Sword Lake, becoming a cultural symbol, a highlight and a unique tourist destination indispensable in the journey of exploring Hà Nội of the tourists.

The organising board will accept the submission from now till the end of July 6 at Architecture Magazine, Vietnam Association of Architects located at No. 40 Tăng Bạt Hổ Street, Hà Nội. The authors of the entries must be responsible for copyright and related rights according to the law.

The jury consists of prestigious experts and managers of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association, the Department of Cultural Heritage, the Cinema Department (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism), Vietnam Association of Historical Sciences and Vietnam Association of Architects.

The closing ceremony and exhibitions are scheduled to take place on July 15.

Theo VNS