Deputy PM urges sufficient coal supply for power generation

09:37 | 14/12/2018 Industry

Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung has asked the relevant parties to take action so that sufficient coal is provided for power generation as Vietnam is facing the risk of power shortage in the near future.

The singing ceremony between EVN and Vinacomin on coal supply for the Thai Binh Power Plant - Photo: NDO

The request was made at a conference on December 12 with the participation of the state power utility EVN and the national coal producer Vinacomin.

Dung said that hydroelectricity and thermal power are currently Vietnam’s main sources of power, but hydroelectricity can meet less than one third of the country’s demand while nearly all its potential has been exploited.

Therefore, the demand for thermal power, mainly from coal-fired power stations, to support Vietnam’s growing economy will be huge.

He noted that in the short and medium run, no other energy sources can replace coal-generated electricity efficiently, thus thermal power development is mandatory but must be done with environmentally friendly technologies.

In recent years, EVN has made great efforts to provide adequate power for the economy but there is a high likelihood of power shortage if difficulties in securing input materials are not addressed.

It has been warned that if the issue of coal supply is not dealt with, power shortage will appear as soon as in 2018 and subsequent years.

Deputy PM Dung emphasised that sufficient power must be supplied to support economic growth and the people’s lives under any circumstances and at all costs.

At the conference, Vinacomin signed a contract with EVN to provide long-term coal for the Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant.

Theo NDO