Deputy PM calls for measures to promote Vietnamese football

15:54 | 02/10/2017 Society

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam has called for a preliminarily review of the national football development strategy in order to find solutions to tackle the limitations encountered during the promotion of the sport in Vietnam.

deputy pm calls for measures to promote vietnamese football
Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam has demanded a review of a strategy to develop suitable solutions to promote football - Credit: VGP

On September 28, the deputy PM hosted a working session with leaders of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF), as well as representatives of the relevant ministries and agencies, on the situation of Vietnamese football and the operations of the VFF.

Reports delivered at the meeting show that Vietnamese football has achieved notable achievements in recent years, with football training and development growing widely amid strong investment in facilities and grounds. Many clubs, training centres and youth football training centres have been established. Both amateur and professional football systems are regularly held at all ages and levels and have resulted in a number of encouraging achievements at international tournaments.

The privatisation of football has been promoted, attracting more resources to develop domestic football with hundreds of businesses, economic organisations and individuals investing in clubs and sponsoring tournaments.

However, the management and operation of football remains inadequate, as training and educating on ethics and lifestyle for players are underestimated, leading to negative behaviour such as gambling, matchmaking and violence.

At the session, the delegates focused their discussions on the causes of the shortcomings in football development, scoured from a limited perception on the goal of football development and inadequate mechanisms that make it difficult for football clubs to mobilise finance, develop yards and deploy training plans. Especially, a lack of a long-term vision for professional football has caused football management to lag behind in the context of the country’s current development.

Deputy PM Dam emphasised that football is a very popular sport in Vietnam. In 2013, the Prime Minister approved the national strategy of developing Vietnam football by 2020, which considers football development as "an effective tool to contribute to the education of patriotism and national pride, while promoting the image of the country in international arena.”

The strategy has been implemented for four years, he said, urging the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to urgently carry out a preliminary review of the implementation of this strategy, in which they should clarify the viewpoints, goals and major orientations that need to be adjusted, supplemented and implemented in the coming years.

He stated that the most important goal in the preliminary review is to clearly analyse the inadequacies and causes for such limitations, while recognising the responsibilities of each organisation and individual, as well as the responsibilities of the State management agencies and localities in football development and management.

The deputy PM instructed the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to hold an extended conference to collect the opinions of all professionals, stakeholders and fans devoted to the development of domestic football.

Reaffirming that football is a sport of great interest, Dam stressed the need for the management and administration of football to be in accordance with the current law and in respect for the role of professional societies and international practices.

Theo NDO