Deputy PM asks for closer connections among start-up community

14:26 | 05/04/2016 Science - Technology

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam has called for enhanced connection among the start-up community, aiming to spread the “start-up nation” spirit across society.

Deputy PM asks for closer connections among start-up community

Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam (second from right) at the workshop launching national start-up initiatives in Hanoi on March 30 (Credit:

The government official made the statement while addressing a workshop launching national start-up initiatives held in Hanoi on March 30.

Young people and enterprises must change themselves and their perception to start-ups, while ensuring their skills and confidence, Dam suggested.

Vietnam lacks competent start-up founders, the deputy PM noted, voicing his wish that the “start-up nation” spirit would be ignited in all forums of agencies in order to create a contagious effect in society. He stressed the need to apply science and technology and boost creations to turn the start-up spirit into specific actions, not just theory.

Dam also pledged to create the most favourable conditions for renovation, creation and development of the business community.

At the workshop, delegates shared experience in encouraging the start-up spirit in youth, while recommending measures to facilitate the start-up spirit among young people and enterprises and to build a start-up environment from the perspective of science and technology.

Hoang Minh Son, President of the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, hailed unique initiatives and technology as the two important factors for success. He suggested the education system promote creativeness in students from an early age and sponsor them in their start-up research.

Coming from Israel, known as a “start-up nation”, Israeli Ambassador to Vietnam Meirav Eilon Shahar put an emphasis on investment in finance and education, in order to develop the start-up spirit. Israel currently has 19 start-up incubators, which are not directly run by the government but are contracted by the private sector. The government only plays a supporting role, she said.

Citing Singapore as an example, FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh emphasised the need for appropriate mechanisms to expand investment funds for start-up initiatives, thereby multiplying the national start-up spirit./.


Source: NDO