Decree ensures safety in oil, gas exploration

11:25 | 26/10/2015 Industry

The Government has issued Decree No. 95/2015/ND-CP detailing a number of articles stipulated in the Petroleum Law and related laws on ensuring safety in oil and gas exploration and exploitation.

Decree ensures safety in oil, gas exploration

Drills on Bach Ho mine (Source: VNA)

The document says organisations and inpiduals who conduct oil and gas search, exploration and exploitation activities have to zone off safe areas and maintain safety signals for their work sites and equipment in accordance with current legal regulations.

The decree also regulates subjects entitled to enter the safe areas and undersea activities within the areas.

Those involved are not allowed to build facilities and drop floating subjects around areas where they can hinder the circulations of maritime routes essential to international navigation.

They are also required to follow regulations on oil and gas exploitation as well as approved oil and gas development plans.

They can apply advanced technology to enhance exploitation efficiency but ensure safety and no harms to the eco-environment./.

Source: VNA