Davipharm certified with EU-GMP

15:34 | 08/10/2021 Events

(VEN) - Davipharm, one of the leading domestic manufacturers of high-quality generic drugs, a member of Adamed Group, announced its certification with the EU-GMP quality standard.

The EU-GMP has been obtained for the manufacturing operations (production and packing) of non-sterile products in capsules, hard shells and tablets.

Davipharm announced its certification with the EU-GMP quality standard during the virtual conference “Invest in Vietnam. Wins and challenges.” on October 7, 2021

In November 2017, Adamed Pharma, a Polish pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, acquired the controlling stake in Davipharm, one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam. This is the largest-ever direct private Polish investment in Vietnam.

The EU-GMP certification is the most important milestone in the company strategy focused on raising standards of drug production.

Michal Wieczorek, CEO of Davipharm, said, “When in 2017 Adamed bought 70 percent of shares in Davipharm, becoming the biggest direct Polish investor in Vietnam, it had a crystal-clear strategy for Vietnam. With US$50 million investment, out of which over US$10 million has been spent on the upgrade of Davipharm manufacturing plant in Binh Duong and the improvement of quality processes, we committed to contribute to the local economy not only by paying taxes and creating jobs, but also by providing high-quality medicines at affordable prices to local patients, thus supporting the Ministry of Health to optimize the spending on drugs. And with further expansion of our business by developing the export, thus backing the improvement of Vietnam’s trade balance, we hope to be emblematic of the foreign investment in Vietnam”.

“I trust that EU-GMP qualified factories are the key growth drivers in Vietnam and the only way to develop the local company. With this EU-GMP certification, we are ready to achieve our other ambitious goals,” he added.

My Phung