Datkham247, helping the healthcare system help patients

12:00 | 27/09/2021 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Launched for about two months, the Datkham247 platform provides patients and medical facilities with optimal solutions by making effective use of technology in disease diagnosis and treatment. Its timely appearance will help ease some of the national health system’s weaknesses exposed by the Covid-19 outbreak.  

datkham247 helping the healthcare system help patients
Hanh Nguyen, Founder and CEO of Deepcare Vietnam

Datkham247 was developed by the Deepcare Vietnam Joint Stock Company, a reputable provider of technology solutions for proactive health care, telemedicine and primary health care in Vietnam.

Deepcare Vietnam Founder and CEO Hanh Nguyen said he wants to use his experience of more than 15 years in the French healthcare sector to help his own country’s healthcare sector fix its problems.

The Deepcare Vietnam Founder and CEO said he and his colleagues all realized that patients often have trouble finding the right hospital or clinic for their health problems, experience lengthy waiting times for test results and doctor’s appointments, go to the wrong place for health care and engage in unnecessary contacts at medical facilities, thereby risking infection.

The healthcare management solution Datkham247 provides comprehensive solutions and platforms to support patients before, during and after examination. Specifically, the medical team and doctors of Datkham247 contact patients directly to assist them in preliminarily assessment of their health risks and connect them with the service most appropriate for their condition, including financial situation. Datkham247 works as a virtual medical staff operating 24/7 to help optimize the work of medical staff, freeing healthcare professionals to focus on patient experience and improved service quality.

Datkham247 contributes to easy and effective management of examination schedules, patient management, and health records management, cutting administrative costs.

datkham247 helping the healthcare system help patients
Datkham247, a technology product developed by the Deepcare Vietnam Joint Stock Company

Datkham247 provides better ways to interact -connecting with patients or discussing with colleagues, and remote consultation through many integrated methods on the application (messaging, voice dialing and video calling). Datkham247 is under trial operation in a number of hospitals, including Viet Duc, An Viet and Hanoi General Hospital. Datkham247 was developed using AI and Chatbot technologies over the past two years. As soon as it was put into trial operation, Datkham247 reached an efficient service connection rate of more than 90 percent, halving patients’ waiting times and minimizing contacts in hospitals and medical facilities. Datkham247 thus helps optimize the medical examination process, reduce overload and minimize the risk of cross-infection. It has been welcomed and highly appreciated by partners - hospitals and patients.

datkham247 helping the healthcare system help patients
Deepcare Vietnam team

In order to introduce technology platforms in general and Datkham247 in particular into more hospitals, medical facilities and people needing medical examination and treatment, the Newspaper of Industry and Trade has implemented a program to help startups in Hanoi access the market. The 2019-2025 program will help businesses connect with customers and authorities, and contribute to the Vietnamese healthcare system’s digital transformation.

Seeking to become the largest healthcare ecosystem applying advanced technology in Vietnam, Datkham247 would like to accompany the government in general and the Ministry of Health in particular in realizing strategies and policies on digitalizing medical examination and treatment and easing hospital and other medical facility overload.

Trinh Trang