Dak Lak breeding and selecting many top-quality cocoa varieties

10:43 | 25/07/2016 Economy- Society

(VEN) - Those cocoa varieties adapt to climatic and soil condition in the Central Highlands in particular and to all other regions of the country in general . They are high yielding, and resistant to diseases.

Dak Lak breeding and selecting many top-quality cocoa varieties

Building a sustainable and high quality cocoa sector must start from good seedling. Clearly understand this, engineers and agricultural experts in Dak Lak has focused on research and breeding in order to select the cocoa seedlings of best quality for farmers.

Cao Nguyen Xanh, a branch of Cocoa Intercontinental Corporation (CIC), has invested in building a modern cocoa seedling nursery in Dak Lak, the largest scale of its kind in Vietnam.

The whole Cao Nguyen Xanh’s nursery is located on a 6.0 ha area with rain covered mesh to produce cocoa seedlings the best quality for farmers.

Cao Nguyen Xanh owns uniquely certified cocoa bud propagation garden in the Tay Nguyen. Cocoa varieties produced by the company were approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, allowing their widely grown in Vietnam.

Seedling production process strictly follows the Ordinance of the Government of plant varieties. Using the company's seedlings, farmers no longer have to worry about the seeds origin and fake seeds.

According to Dak Lak Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the province has now more than 2,500 hectares of cocoa. Some districts such as Krong Ana, Ea Kar, Lak ...have large cocoa plantation, which bring rather high economic efficiency. Despite the fact that over the last years, cocoa acreage did not increase much, the cocoa output is positively rising.

As recent developed plant, from the beginning, cocoa has an advantage over other industrial plants in term of planning and good seed quality. At the same time, farmers begin to form the habit of following the correct process to have best quality product in order to meet the requirements of buyers.

Cocoa market is growing, with relatively high and stable price that attracts farmers and the cocoa plantation began to increase in many regions. In particular, there have been pioneering enterprises who invest in "large sample field" model with cocoa.

 Also in Dak Lak, CIC is the first company to develop cocoa plantations using the model of nucleus farms to offer solutions for cocoa cultivation and market connections to small farmers. By 2022, CIC aims to establish two cocoa farms with a total area of ​​approximately 2,000 hectares owned by CIC and to expand cocoa cultivation to 10,000 households living around these farms.

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