Dai-ichi Life Vietnam launches new unit-link product “An Thinh Dau Tu”

10:59 | 11/06/2015 Companies

(VEN) - An Thinh Dau Tu, a premier unit-link product, is the harmonious combination between the life insurance protection benefit and wealth growing opportunities through the flexible choice of investing in different portfolios.

Dai-ichi Life Vietnam launches new unit-link product “An Thinh Dau Tu”

As the product name itself, An Thinh Dau Tu stands out with the flexible and efficient investment solutions through 3 optional unit-link funds: Growth fund, Balanced fund, and Preservation fund. Customers are able to choose either one fund or to combine between funds to self-establish their investment portfolio to meet their financial goals and risk tolerance. Besides, the customers can, at any time, flexibly change their investment portfolio by changing their investment proportion to these funds or exchanging between funds so as to fit with each stage of their lives. These funds are managed by the highly-qualified investment professionals backed up by the global investment expertise of more than 110 years from the parental company – Dai-ichi Life Japan.

Mr. Takashi Fujii, Chairman of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam Co. and Dai-ichi Life Vietnam Fund Management Co., said: “Together with the establishment and putting into operations of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam Fund Management company, the launch of An Thinh Dau Tu once again reiterates our premier position in product innovation as well as our long-term commitment to the development of the financial and life insurance market in Vietnam”.

An Thinh Dau Tu also offers comprehensive insurance protection with premier benefits at reasonable premium fees. If the insured person suffers from death or total permanent disability before the age of 65, in addition to the sum assured, the customers are entitled to receiving the full value of the policy fund. In case of an accidental death at the age of 5 – 65, the customer will receive an additional amount equivalent to 20% of the policy sum assured, up to VND 1 billion without paying any additional fees. The Loyalty Bonus after every 3 year of the policy period will be also paid out in appreciation for those customers having long- term bonding with Dai-ichi Life Vietnam.

Mr. Tran Dinh Quan, General Director of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam shared further: “We believe that An Thinh Dau Tư is quite compelling for customers who wish to build-up and grow their wealth over time with the efficient and flexible investment solutions, which help them save time to search the information and smooth out the risk effects of stock market volatility.In addition, our customers can have peace of mind while being protected against unexpected risks in life”.

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