Dai-ichi Life Vietnam launches CI-88 product - an optimal financial solution for 88 critical illnesses

17:09 | 19/08/2016 Companies

(VEN) - Affirming its pioneering position in product innovation so as to meet the diversified needs of customers, especially in the health care and protection, Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company of Vietnam, Ltd. (Dai-ichi Life Vietnam) has officially launched its CI-88 rider – an advanced and comprehensive critical illness protection product that provides an optimal financial solution for 88 major critical illnesses.

Dai-ichi Life Vietnam launches CI-88 product - an optimal financial solution for 88 critical illnesses

With its unique benefits, the CI-88 product of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam offers multiple advanced benefits and a wide range of protection for up to 88 critical illnesses, inclusive of 35 early critical illnesses and 53 late critical illnesses, hence provides an optimum financial solution for customers to have a chance of prompt treatment and recovery. In particular, payment of insurance benefits up to 200% of sum insured is guaranteed for customers suffering from illnesses of all stages, thereby helping customers afford treatment costs and enjoy the most advanced treatment methods. The immediate financial support right after illness diagnosis will help customers to instantaneously cope with unexpected risks of severe ailments, while being able to secure future plans of themselves and their beloved families.

Apart from its flexible design with broad participation age ranging from 1 to 60 years old, CI-88 can be combined with all main life insurance products for long-term protection up to 25 years. Customers have the opportunity towards protection of up to 3 illnesses, including two at early stage and one at late stage, and are entitled to increase the sum insured for enhanced protection benefits during the whole policy term. The reasonable premium suitable to all Vietnamese families is an additional advantage of CI-88 to help customers  free  from financial burden to focus on taking care of their beloved ones.  

Mr. Tran Dinh Quan, General Director of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam, said: “Health is the most precious asset of human. Based on  Dai-ichi’s  mission “For a better life” to  all Vietnamese people, the launching of CI-88 product  expresses our desire to accompany customers and their  families in health protection and improving the quality of life, affirming our commitment to being  a “Lifetime partner” with the Vietnamese country and its people.”


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