Da Nang seeks to reduce greenhouse emissions with UK-supported tool

13:38 | 16/09/2015 Science - Technology

The Da Nang government and the UK embassy held a workshop on September 9 to launch a project aimed at reducing greenhouse emissions using a tool called Calculator 2050.

Da Nang seeks to reduce greenhouse emissions with UK-supported tool

The launch workshop in central Da Nang city

Calculator 2050 is a model developed by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), which lets people create their own emissions reduction pathway and see the impacts of it using real scientific data.

The UK has been working with several countries around the world to assist them in developing their own versions of Calculator 2050 to explore different options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help tackle climate change.

The tool allows its user to explore all high-level energy and emission pathway options that the country, territory or region faces and for each possible 2050 pathway the user can further investigate its impacts on land use, electricity, energy security, energy flows, costs and so on, according to the DECC.

An official from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Hoang Van Tam, said after the launch workshop that Vietnam will work with international research experts to produce its own version and confirmed that Da Nang has been chosen as the first location to implement the project.

The calculator for Da Nang, scheduled to be finalised in March 2017, will be tailored to the city’s conditions and have its user interface localised into Vietnamese./.

Source: NDO

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