Da Nang increases international healthcare cooperation

06:00 | 29/06/2020 Cooperation

Technology transfer and international cooperation have helped many health facilities in the city of Da Nang access state-of-the-art medicine and effectively apply it in diagnosing and treating disease.

da nang increases international healthcare cooperation

Many hospitals in the city of Da Nang have mastered advanced medical techniques

In 2019, the Cardiovascular Center of the Da Nang Hospital, the first center of its kind in the central region, commenced operations, enabling patients to access specialized technical services related to the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The center is equipped with modern ultrasound scanners, which enable it to treat complicated cardiovascular diseases requiring highly accurate diagnoses and surgery. The German Heart for Heart charity organization has signed a five-year cooperation agreement to provide training for the center’s staff.

The Heart for Heart organization has provided support for the Da Nang Hospital since 2005 and presented it with modern equipment, such as digital subtraction angiography (DSA) machines, a central monitoring system, breathers and cardiac ultrasound scanners. With support of the organization, the Da Nang Hospital has conducted successful surgeries and timely cardiovascular interventions for thousands of children in the central region with congenital heart diseases.

da nang increases international healthcare cooperation

According to Doctor Le Duc Nhan, Director of the Da Nang Hospital, international cooperation programs have provided the Da Nang Hospital with access to advanced medical techniques, such as stem cell transplantation, liver transplantation, and treatment of cancer. The hospital has become a leading healthcare unit in the central region and currently ranks second among hospitals nationwide in applying several complicated and advanced techniques.

Doctors at Da Nang Hospital’s Cardiovascular Center are capable of performing more than 90 percent of advanced surgical and intervention techniques in the world. The center’s staff consists of about 130 members, including doctors, nurses and assistant clerks at technical divisions. Its human resource training programs are implemented under specific roadmaps. Doctors in each field are sent to countries with developed healthcare sectors for training.

International cooperation is also vital for the Da Nang Hospital for Women and Children. Representatives of nongovernmental organizations from Japan, the US, the US, the Republic of Korea, France and Australia have visited the hospital to learn about its operations, capability and development orientation as well as its demand for equipment and training. The hospital has developed many international cooperation projects, including specialized training in neonatology, tocology and pediatric cardiology (with support from Newborn Vietnam), technical training for doctors (with support from the Republic of Korea), and surgeries for children born with harelips and cleft palates (with support from Smile Train – USA).

The hospital has welcomed delegations of students from Japanese, American, Australian and German universities, which volunteered to provide patient care and assisted the hospital in applying various techniques.

For years, the Da Nang Hospital has implemented cooperation programs with Switzerland, the US and Japan.

According to Ngo Thi Kim Yen, Director of the Da Nang Health Department, international health cooperation projects have contributed to improving healthcare for local people. Regular technical discussions with health experts have boosted the partnership with support organizations, enhancing the technical capability of health facilities so that they can better meet the demand for disease diagnosis and treatment of residents of Da Nang and other localities in the region.

Phuong Tam