Da Lat in purple and dew season: The perspective of an artist's soul

10:37 | 28/07/2022 Society

When the hot days reach the peak of summer, the sweltering heat of Hanoi, the scorching sun of Saigon, the one place that everyone thinks about is Da Lat. A land that is both sweet and romantic is a place to take each other to hide.

Referring to Da Lat, the words and lyrics are covered with one color: It is the purple color of the hills of myrtle flowers, the purple color of the mausoleum rows along the two sides of Xuan Huong Lake, the purple color of the beautiful petals. even it is the purple color of the afternoon sunlight lingering on the misty hillsides, peeking right behind the old pine trees...

As a son of the poetic land of Da Lat, the artist's soul has been attached to Dr. Pham S. Accordingly, over the years, Dr. Pham S is not only a manager, scientist and teacher, but also a writer. Recently Dr. Pham S has published the book "Da Lat in purple and dew season". Unlike previous works, Purple and Dew Da Lat is a book crystallized from the author's enthusiasm, intelligence, and profound knowledge. On the basis of scientific analysis and practice, Dr. Pham S very carefully analyzed the scientific basis and meaning of purple, introducing a NASA hypothesis that the earth billions of years ago was originally purple, then gradually became blue like today. Purple is also the earliest scientific invention of mankind from about 1900 BC.

Dr. Pham S was awarded the World Record by the Vietnam Records Organisation - VietKings

The book is nearly 600 pages long and is presented through 4 chapters with broad content in many fields. In this book, the author introduces 12 famous purple architectural works in the world and 29 successful brands in the world using purple colors and 80 species of purple flowers in the world; The author also introduces purple architectural works and brands in Vietnam and purple flowers in Da Lat. Especially, the work is suitable for many audiences in many fields and all ages, especially readers who are managers, scientists, research institutes for reference and application.

According to the author, Da Lat is beautiful every season, but the most beautiful is the purple and dew season. He has diligently studied the reality of Da Lat's dew, dawn and morning landscape, architectural works, purple flowers, the weather in Da Lat, thereby analyzing and comparing the weather of Da Lat with several countries in the world; In which, Da Lat is a rare city where the purple flower season coincides with the most dew season of the year. The author has analyzed 10 core values, the miraculous crystallization from the good soil that has created the interesting and magical thing of Da Lat.

The book "Da Lat in purple and dew season"

Speaking about his feelings about this book, Mr. Ton Thien San - Chairman of the City People's Committee. Da Lat respectfully acknowledges the great contributions and special love of Dr. Pham S for Da Lat. The arguments, arguments and scientific analysis of Dr. Pham S in the work Da Lat purple and dew season will be an important basis for Da Lat to develop the city in the future; contribute ideas to create a new brand for Da Lat tourism "purple and dew", which is a product for travel companies and businesses to introduce to visitors. The work is also a valuable document to protect Da Lat, making Da Lat more and more beautiful.

Many friends and readers have talked about their feelings when reading the work and admired the great contribution and love of Da Lat shown by the actions of Dr. Pham S. In the near future, Da Lat will have more purple flower roads (purple phoenix, purple flowers, lavender, fogetmenot, heather...) to spread the value of the book, bringing beautiful and romantic images. of purple and dew Da Lat to domestic and international friends.

Dr. Pham S is currently Vice Chairman of Lam Dong Provincial People's Committee. Over the years, he has been recognized and rewarded for many scientific activities by domestic and foreign organizations. Most recently, on February 22, 2022, he was awarded the World Record by the World Records Union (WorldKings).

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