Cuba revises up economic growth for 2018

15:07 | 15/07/2019 Cooperation

Cuba last Saturday revised up its economic growth for 2018.

Travelers in La Habana, Cuba - Photo: AFP/TTXVN

"In 2018, the GDP growth was 2.2 percent at current prices, higher than the 1.2 percent estimated last December," Economy Minister Alejandro Gil told a session of the National Assembly of People's Power.

The minister said the new growth figure was obtained after balancing the results in the entire fiscal year.

According to Gil, a higher-than-expected growth in various sectors leads to the revision of the GDP growth for 2018.

The construction sector, for instance, recorded a 9.3 percent increase, compared to an expected 2.2 percent fall.

The public health sector saw a higher increase of 3 percent than the initially projected 1.3 percent, while the agriculture sector reported a 2.6 percent expansion, instead of an initially projected drop of 4.9 percent.

Theo Xinhua