Cuba emphasises ties with Vietnam: Ambassador

09:10 | 23/04/2016 Cooperation

Cuba will continue creating favourable conditions for the enhancement of its relationship with Vietnam, particularly in economy and trade, a Cuban diplomat has said.

Cuba emphasises ties with Vietnam: Ambassador

Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam Herminio Lopez Diaz - Photo: dangcongsan

In an interview with Vietnam News Agency reporters following the seventh national congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam Herminio Lopez Diaz said the two countries should seek ways to intensify their partnership.

Cuba is faithful to the goal of protecting national independence and sovereignty in its foreign policy. It is willing to press on with the normilisation of relations with the US. The country is also strengthening ties with other Latin American nations and boosting regional integration.

The ambassador said at the seventh national PCC congress, Cuba moved a step closer to shaping the economic model that it wants to use. He said Cuba will continue prioritising State ownership in fundamental industries.

However, it also recognises the growing role of non-State sectors, along with the role of small- and medium-sized enterprises and inpidual business households.

He said Vietnam’s reform process is important reference material for Cuba. His country has examined reforms in Vietnam, China and many other countries.

The close partnership between the Vietnamese and Cuban Parties and States provides opportunities for them to exchange experience in this field. The Vietnamese leaders have shared their nation’s reform experiences, giving Cuba valuable lessons, the ambassador added./.


Source: VNA