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Creating additives from cassava starch

13:00 | 20/04/2021 Science - Technology

(VEN) - The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has just approved a study of a technology to produce methyl-ß-cyclodextrin (M-ß-CD) from cassava starch as a new generation additive for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. The project is being led by the Laboratory of Refining and Petrochemical Technology under the Vietnam Institute of Industrial Chemistry.

Project manager Dr. Pham Thi Nam Binh said that Vietnam is the third largest exporter of cassava starch in the world. However, apart from direct use or export, the development of technologies to convert this starch into high added value products has not received proper attention.

So far, there has been no research on the technology for deep processing of cassava starch into M-ß-CD - a new generation of excipients, from laboratory scale to semi-industrial scale.

creating additives from cassava starch
Products of the research project

Vietnam grows more than 10 million tonnes of cassava annually, mostly in Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, and Dak Nong provinces.

“We found that the source of starch is abundant and cheap, an advantage for ß-CD production, from which it is possible to produce new M-ß-CD products of high economic value, because of its potential applications,” explained Dr. Pham Thi Nam Binh.

Biotechnology development

The research team has already built a semi-industrial scale technological process and equipment (260 kilograms of raw materials per batch) to produce M-ß-CD with high purity of up to 99 percent and more; and 101.7kg of M-ß-CD meeting food hygiene and safety standards, exceeding the registered requirements for quantity and quality. From these substances, the project team produced 50,000 CoQ10 dietary supplement capsules containing M-ß-CD soluble excipients and 1,000 vials (50 ml/vial) of CoQ10 - M-ß-CD to beautify the skin, slow down the aging process and improve health.

The project is contributing to the development of Vietnam’s biotechnology industry by training a highly qualified scientific workforce in the field of biotechnology, and promoting inter-sectorial cooperation in biotechnology, chemistry, medicine and pharmacy in order to successfully realize the goals of the national biotechnology program.

The project’s application in industrial production also contributes to creating jobs and new industrial products, increasing tax revenues and the added value of cassava starch products. “Utilizing the available cassava starch resources, and efficiently applying the production technology, the M-ß-CD helps create products of good quality and competitive prices. The research team will continue to produce and commercialize the products,” Dr. Binh said.

The research team is seeking additional resources to promote its experience and strengths in researching and developing the technology to produce M-ß-CD, bringing socioeconomic and environmental benefits.

This is the first time that Vietnam has conducted a methodical and comprehensive research project on the technology for deep processing of cassava starch into M-ß-CD from laboratory to semi-industrial scale, yielding high added value for available cassava starch sources.

Quynh Nga