trade deal helps euvietnam firms Trade deal helps EU,Vietnam firms

06:00 | 20/12/2021 EVFTA

(VEN) - The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), if exploited to the maximum, will promote trade and investment connectivity for the two business communities.
2022 economic outlook to be defined by digital resilience and a return to the experience economy 2022 Economic Outlook to be defined by digital resilience and a return to the ‘experience economy’

17:19 | 17/12/2021 Cooperation

The new Economy 2022 - a global outlook for the coming year released by  the Mastercard Economics Institute reveals how five fundamental factors — savings and spending, supply chains, digital acceleration, travel, and a growing list of economic risks — will continue to shape the global economy.
vietnam retains high tourism interest among swiss citizens Vietnam retains high tourism interest among Swiss citizens

06:00 | 17/12/2021 Cooperation

(VEN) - Jeff Redl, Managing Director, Diethelm Travel Vietnam, a Switzerland-based travel agency that brings several thousand Swiss tourists to Vietnam every year, told Vietnam Economic News’ Phung Khuu that he was optimistic about post-pandemic tourism revival and increasing numbers of Swiss tourists visiting Vietnam again.
An umbrella association covering all interests Swiss

06:00 | 15/12/2021 Cooperation

(VEN) - Established on May 11, 1999, the Swiss Business Association in Vietnam (SBA) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization run by volunteers. The SBA is proud to have been, since its inception, a key contributor to promoting business, economic, cultural activities and other interests of common concern to the Swiss community which includes not only Swiss but also anyone with ties to and/or interests in Switzerland. SBA Vietnam President Jean-Paul Haessig tells Vietnam Economic News’ Phung Khuu that Vietnam’s unrivaled response to regional and international crises adds to its attraction as a good place to invest and do business.
international network a given after swiss education alumni assert International network a given after Swiss education, alumni assert

06:00 | 14/12/2021 Cooperation

(VEN) - The Swiss Alumni Association in Vietnam (SAAV) has worked closely with Swiss government offices and the Swiss Business Association to establish an extensive network across the country, region and beyond.
swiss firms remain upbeat about vietnam business despite pandemic Swiss firms remain upbeat about Vietnam business despite pandemic

10:07 | 13/12/2021 Cooperation

(VEN) - Representatives of Swiss businesses from different industries say that the adverse impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic have not dimmed their optimism about growth prospects in Vietnam.
vietnam switzerland golden jubilee sets the stage for an encore Vietnam-Switzerland golden jubilee sets the stage for an encore

06:00 | 13/12/2021 Cooperation

(VEN) - Vietnam and Switzerland celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations with confidence that a strong foundation has been laid for a repeat performance. Martin Maier, Consul General of Switzerland in Ho Chi Minh City, shares with Vietnam Economic News’ My Phung some of the milestones and salient features of the bilateral relationship.
how vietnam can invest in food competitiveness by ramping up bulk import infrastructure How Vietnam can invest in food competitiveness by ramping up bulk import infrastructure

06:15 | 11/12/2021 Cooperation

(VEN) Vietnam is the third largest importer of maize, and the 22nd largest importer of wheat (2019, FaoStats). Maize is mostly commonly used in animal feed production whereas wheat is typically routed towards flour mills and human consumption. As wheat and corn do not thrive under tropical conditions, most of the wheat and maize are shipped into Vietnam. Bulk vessels transport the raw materials needed to satisfy our cravings for noodles, breads, chicken, pork or beef.
b hler serving basic human needs with technology Bühler serving basic human needs with technology

06:00 | 11/12/2021 Cooperation

(VEN) - What do a bowl of rice or noodles, a loaf of bread, a cookie and a cup of fresh coffee have in common? Consuming any of these foods involves an encounter with a Bühler product.
elca swiss solutions provider nurtures fosters it talents ELCA: Swiss solutions provider nurtures, fosters IT talents

06:00 | 11/12/2021 Cooperation

(VEN) - ELCA is one of the biggest independent Swiss IT solutions providers that partner with Fortune 500 companies to provide intelligently designed software solutions using the Agile methodology and a distributed teams approach. The group is privately owned, with offices in Lausanne (headquarter), Zurich, Basel, Berne, Geneva, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Mauritius and Vietnam.
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