Construction safety regulations tightened

16:12 | 03/12/2015 Society

(VEN) - The Ministry of Construction (MoC) has issued Directive 01/CT-BXD on ensuring construction safety, requiring contractors to stop construction and fix related issues when detecting construction safety violations.

Construction safety regulations tightened

Many construction incidents have recently occurred killing and injuring workers, including scaffolding collapses at the Cat Linh - Ha Dong urban railway project in Hanoi and the Formosa project in Ha Tinh Province, a crane collapse at the Hong Ngu 2 Bridge project in Dong Thap Province and the Huu Nghi hotel project in Dong Ha, Quang Tri Province.

One of the major causes for these workplace accidents was a failure by contractors to comply with construction safety regulations; moreover, related construction management agencies have failed to conduct regular strict workplace safety inspections. To address the situation, the MoC has issued Directive 01/CT-BXD on ensuring construction safety, with a focus on scaffolding structures, which must comply with safety regulations and standards on design, measures, techniques and materials.

The process of erecting scaffolds must comply with approved technical guidelines and checks for stability and bearing capacity as outlined in numerous regulations.

Where abnormal loads or impact on the scaffolds are monitored, they must be tested, evaluated and be subject to corrective measures to ensure safety. Moreover, scaffold dismantling must comply with safety regulations.

Lifting equipment and machinery used in construction must be tested before being put into use and periodically tested during use, while related training should be offered for handlers of this equipment and machinery.

For jobs with strict safety requirements, employees must have related occupational safety training certification in accordance with the law on occupational safety. In addition, contractors must have plans to respond to incidents occurring during the construction process.

The MoC has required investors and contractors to regularly monitor and supervise the implementation of the construction measures, ensure the safety of construction, suspend construction and require contractors to fix problems. It has also warned investors and contractors of penalties in cases where workplace accidents occur

According the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, the construction sector, which attracts about 10 percent of the total labor force, has contributed significantly to GDP. However, this sector is also noted for nearly 30 percent of all workplace accidents occurring across the country in relation to falls, electrocutions and personal negligence.


Quynh Nga