Connecting Vietnam, Luxembourg stock markets

09:12 | 24/10/2016 Cooperation

On October 7th, the State Securities Commission coordinated with the embassy of Luxembourg to organize the event "Connecting Viet Nam – Luxemburg on the stock market".

connecting vietnam luxembourg stock markets
Delegates at an event in the framework of Vietnam - Luxembourg cooperation program - Photo:

The project, comprising of three major parts, will help the commission to complete the Stock Market Law along with guiding documents. It will also help local lecturers and create an information technology system for better management and protection of investors.

The project will establish the Vietnam-Luxembourg alumni group to create linkages for financial cooperation among the two nations, promote business activities among the two nations’ business communities, and open opportunities for studying and learning in Vietnam and Luxembourg in an aim to improve human resource quality in the financial sector and stock market.

The governments of Vietnam and Luxembourg have signed a protocol on the project VIE032 “Capacity Improvement in Finance”. The deal is expected to support the State Securities Commission in its implementation of the Vietnam Stock Market Development Strategy 2016-2020.

Gia Hung