Concert for famed musician of history

11:20 | 13/01/2017 Society

Every Vietnamese knows the song Như Có Bác Trong Ngày Đại Thắng (Uncle Hồ Seems to Be with Us on the Festive Day of Grand Victory), written by Phạm Tuyên.  

Composer Phạm Tuyên is beloved by audiences of different ages — Photo

It was composed in just two hours and recorded on April 28, 1975. It was broadcast in a special newscast at 5pm on April 30, when the prolonged war for liberation and unification ended with the fall of Sài Gòn Regime. It has since inspired and elated millions with its echoes of the nation’s triumph.

The song will be featured in a January 14 concert, together with many other of Tuyên’s memorable songs, to celebrate his 88th birthday.

When he was a boy, Tuyên had a great passion for music and was a self-taught musician. He studied the immortal works by Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, as well as the folk songs of many nations, especially the treasure trove of Vietnamese folk songs.

In early 1947, Tuyên joined the resistance war against the French. Those years served as a source of inspiration for his compositions.

After the war, he returned to Hà Nội and worked as head of the music service at the Voice of Việt Nam Radio.

Tuyên has composed more than 700 pieces of music. Many praise President Hồ Chí Minh and patriotism. The contents of these songs were appropriate for the young, idealistic generation at the time.

After 1975, he created other popular songs about patriotism and the process of rebuilding the country. He also wrote many songs for children and young people.

The concert will be hosted by famous journalist Lại Văn Sâm, who asked the family’s permission to narrate the event honouring Tuyên, whose talent and personality he admires. “He’s not only a talented composer but also an open-minded, generous, tolerant and patriotic person, a prime example for us to learn from,” said Sâm.

“When I work with director Phạm Hoàng Nam to set up a plan for the concert, I realised that many famous songs that we sing and love were, in fact, written by composer Tuyên.”

Tuyên said it’s a gift for him when people know and sing his songs even when they don’t know who the composer is.

“People should love the songs rather than their composers and writers,” said Tuyên. “I’m so happy that my songs have a stable position in the hearts of audiences. That’s the biggest reward for a composer.”

Director Nam, musician Lưu Hà An and Tuyên’s daughter Phạm Hồng Tuyến worked together to arrange the concert without consulting Tuyên. The composer did not select any of the song to be performed at the concert.

“I don’t know which singers will appear in the concert and what songs will be presented,” said Tuyên. “They told me that the concert is held as a birthday present for me, so they it will be a surprise. I will attend it as one of the audience.”

Director Nam said he wouldn’t reveal any information about the concert. He just said that the music show pays tribute to Tuyên’s career, talent and personality. Audiences will have a chance to enjoy the best songs he wrote.

“There will be no special effects of sound and light, no dance either,” said Nam.

"It’s all about Tuyên’s music that can revive people’s memories of the past. This is the concert for generations of audiences with patriotic songs and songs for children."

“The wars have gone but the songs he created in wartime are still of interest to people. Tuyên’s music easily won people’s hearts because it originated from the heart and genuine feelings of the composer. He can be considered a historian who used music to record events.”

The concert will take place at the National Convention Centre, Phạm Hùng Street, Hà Nội. Ticket prices range from VNĐ600,000 to VNĐ2 million and can be booked at

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