bac son tobacco develops business ensures safe work environment Bac Son Tobacco develops business, ensures safe work environment

12:00 | 23/06/2022 Companies

Throughout its 53-year history, the Bac Son Tobacco Company in Bac Ninh Province has always adhered to sanitary and environmental regulations in the production process. As a result, it has never experienced occupational accidents or fires.  
standard chartered launches new head office in hanoi Standard Chartered launches new Head Office in Hanoi

10:01 | 23/06/2022 Companies

Standard Chartered Vietnam today announced the launch of its new Head Office in Hanoi, strengthening its strong, long-term commitment to and investment in Vietnam.  
vimico raises environmental awareness Vimico raises environmental awareness

06:00 | 23/06/2022 Companies

(VEN) - Applying appropriate technologies in mining, the Vinacomin Minerals Holding Corporation (Vimico) has increased output, production and business efficiency, while reducing resource loss and contributing to environmental protection.
taking waste treatment very seriously Taking waste treatment very seriously

20:00 | 22/06/2022 Companies

(VEN) - To ensure environmental hygiene and labor safety, the Na Duong Thermal Power Company under the Vietnam National Coal-Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin) has intensified waste management and treatment along with periodical environmental monitoring and information dissemination. 
vinacomin nam mau coal company targets green growth Vinacomin-Nam Mau Coal Company targets green growth

16:00 | 22/06/2022 Companies

(VEN) - The Vinacomin-Nam Mau Coal Company, a subsidiary of the Vietnam National Coal-Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin), has shown its determination to develop trade and production activities coupled with environmental protection in order to drive towards green growth and adapt to climate change.
masan high tech materials pursues sustainable development Masan High-Tech Materials pursues sustainable development

14:00 | 22/06/2022 Companies

(VEN) - As one of Vietnam’s largest integrated industrial mineral and chemical producers, Masan High-Tech Materials considers environmental protection as the key to sustainable development of its Nui Phao polymetallic mine in Thai Nguyen Province and its other facilities.
clear sailing ahead for vietnam maritime corporation Clear sailing ahead for Vietnam Maritime Corporation

12:00 | 22/06/2022 Companies

(VEN) - The post-COVID-19 economic recovery, which has led to growing transportation demand, augurs a brighter future for the cargo transport industry.
mirae asset prevoir introduces new digital insurance platform Mirae Asset Prévoir introduces new digital insurance platform

10:17 | 22/06/2022 Companies

Mirae Asset Prévoir Life Insurance Company Ltd. (“MAP Life”) is pleased to announce the launch of new digital insurance-selling platform “”. Through the integrated technology, MAP Life introduces the efficient mean to apprehend the coverage options and purchase online insurance products to customers in Vietnam.
exclusive steel for cool rooms clean rooms and architectural walls launched Exclusive steel for cool rooms, clean rooms and architectural walls launched

10:06 | 22/06/2022 Companies

NS BlueScope Vietnam - a member of Australia-based BlueScope Steel Limited recently has launched market’s first-ever pre-painted alloy-coated steel for sandwich panel application exclusively for cool rooms, clean rooms, and architectural walls.
andros asia promotes partnership with farmers and fruit suppliers in tien giang province Andros Asia promotes partnership with farmers and fruit suppliers in Tien Giang Province

17:24 | 20/06/2022 Companies

ANDROS, the leading fruit transformation corporate in Europe, with ANDROS Asia Company as the representative in Vietnam hosted the Partnership Conference at Go Cong Factory (Go Cong Town, Tien Giang Province) with the theme ‘Sustainable Fruit Network Development’, to promote partnership with farmers and fruit suppliers.
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