PCHG marks a decade development

10:49 | 22/12/2014 Companies

(VEN) - Over the past decade, Hau Giang has maintained a high growth rate, achieving an annual average of 12.4 percent, with PCHG making a significant contribution towards this success. For example, upon provincial separation, Hau Giang only had two 110kV substations with a total capacity of 65MVA, but it has since developed two more 110kV substations. This has enhanced the capacity of the Phung Hiep-based 110kV substation up to 50MVA, increasing the total capacity of the 110kV substations in the province to 155MVA, a 2.34-fold increase over 2004. Commercial electricity production also increased from 146.28 million kWh in 2004, to 398.3 million kWh this year, a 2.72-fold increase.
Hitachi shapes the future with “social innovation”

09:43 | 17/12/2014 Companies

(VEN) - The last few years have seen the term Social Innovation created from the global imperative to innovate and address the local challenges of the fast-moving modern world and being used increasingly widely among different firms. Hitachi, the Japan based 100 plus year-corporation has created their own definition by holding steadfast on its mission of contributing to society through the development of superior, original technology and products to answer society’s challenges and inspire the world.
Apps VinaPhone Plus, wonderful shopping solution

10:18 | 11/12/2014 Companies

(VEN) - VinaPhone announced on December 10 that it was the first mobile service provider to launch Apps VinaPhone Plus mobile application software under a customer care program for all VinaPhone subscribers who shop and use services at its partners’ food, entertainment, beauty, healthcare, travel and educational facilities in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other major cities nationwide.
Thac Ba HydroPower JSC expresses gratitude

16:20 | 09/12/2014 Companies

(VEN) - The Thac Ba Hydropower Joint Stock Company (JSC) cooperated with Yen Bai Province’s Yen Binh District People’s Committee to inaugurate the Yen Binh Junior Secondary School on October 21. This work was completely funded by the company in order to express deep gratitude to local people.
VADFCO stands firm on its feet

11:47 | 02/12/2014 Companies

(VEN) - Vietnam Economic News’ Ngoc Anh spoke with Van Dien Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (VADFCO) General Director Hoang Van Tai.
Donagamex restructures to build competitiveness

16:06 | 30/11/2014 Companies

(VEN) - The Dong Nai Garment Corporation (Donagamex) was established in 1975 after the south of Vietnam was totally liberated. With its long history and continuous efforts to improve the quality of products and diversity its product range, Donagamex has established a niche contributing to honoring Vietnamese textile and garment brands in the global marketplace.
Chupaco dynamically overcoming difficulties

14:05 | 30/11/2014 Companies

(VEN) - The Chu Pah Rubber Co. Ltd. (Chupaco) has risen to become a leading rubber units operating in the central region after nearly 30 years of development with an annual average growth rate of 30-40 percent. It was awarded with the Reform Period Labor Hero title by the state.
Doruco strives to raise added value of products

08:04 | 29/11/2014 Companies

(VEN) - After three decades of construction and growth, Dong Phu Rubber Joint Stock Company (Doruco) has become one of the most prestigious brands in the Vietnamese rubber sector, with quality increasing steadily. The company’s core values have been demonstrated through strict observation of production processes, investment in modern technologies, intensive processing, tight control over input costs, and building high quality human resources.
Asean Rubber Co., Ltd. creates breakthrough

17:24 | 28/11/2014 Companies

(VEN) - Among the top 25 rubber exporters in Vietnam in the 2012-2013 period after three years of establishment, the Asean Rubber Co., Ltd. has currently exported its products to over 30 countries around the world and is always one of Vietnam’s five largest rubber exporters to the Indian market. Despite facing challenges and difficulties in exports to the Indian market, the company has made outstanding achievements.
Rubber Enterprise of 751 One Member Limited Liability Company promotes sustainable growth

15:08 | 28/11/2014 Companies

(VEN) - Thanks to great efforts it has made in recent times, the Rubber Enterprise of the 751 One Member Limited Liability Company has strengthened its market position and become a reputable Vietnamese rubber producer. Its products now have a firm market position.
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