CNG Vietnam: 10 years of great efforts

16:35 | 03/07/2017 Industry

(VEN) - Pursuing the mission of bringing clean energy everywhere, the CNG Vietnam Joint Stock Company has undergone 10 years of development with pride-worthy achievements which reflect its great progress, internal strength and potential to reach new highs.  

cng vietnam 10 years of great efforts

Great progress

To implement the strategy for developing and diversifying gas products of the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group and the PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation, the CNG Vietnam Joint Stock Company (CNG Vietnam) was established on May 28, 2007 as a pioneer in producing and distributing compressed natural gas (CNG) in Vietnam. The company provides advanced fuel solutions helping businesses reduce costs, enhance the efficiency of machinery, protect the environment and contribute to ensuring national energy security.

Since it was established, CNG Vietnam has pursued the mission of bringing clean energy everywhere and joined efforts to build a green planet. Over the past decade, the company has shown its good performance in implementing major tasks, including producing, transporting and distributing CNG for supply to industrial zones and manufacturing facilities using thermal energy to produce and process alternative fuels to petroleum for the transport sector.

The past decade has seen CNG Vietnam’s staff members’ great efforts to promote the company’s sustainable development. Today, all generations of its leaders and workers can be proud of their endeavors to take the company through numerous difficulties and challenges, and be happy to see its great progress in many aspects.

Most importantly, CNG Vietnam has won customer trust, which is reflected through the growing number of its customers, as well as increases in sales. The company serves a large market consisting of the southeastern localities of Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Ho Chi Minh City, and southwestern, south-central and northern regions. CNG Vietnam is expanding its market in accordance with the policy of the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group and the PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation.

The company’s first CNG plant, based in Ba Ria-Vung Tau’s Phu My I Industrial Zone, commenced operations in September 2008 with initial design capacity of 30 million Sm3 of gas per year. Last year, it sold 119.5 million Sm3 of gas, earning VND894 billion, 90 times higher compared with 2007; after-tax profit reached VND112 billion, 100 times higher compared with 2008; and tax payment hit VND59 billion, a tenfold increase compared with 2007. This year, CNG Vietnam has signed contracts to sell a total of more than 120 million Sm3 of gas, targeting VND980.6 billion in revenue and VND101 billion in pretax profit.

The annual growth of CNG Vietnam’s revenue and profit reflects its firm position and great efforts to boost its development towards the goal of becoming a leading CNG supplier in Vietnam in terms of technology and market share.

cng vietnam 10 years of great efforts

Firm foundation

To achieve these results and ensure its sustainable growth in the future, CNG Vietnam has paid great attention to strengthening its management capacity and enhancing the effectiveness of its operations. It has put in place standard operating procedures and specified clear functions and tasks for each division, as well as each staff member, to ensure their good performance at work. This has enabled the company to save time, manpower and money, and improve management.

CNG Vietnam has improved the quality of its products and services by detecting their nonconformity, assessing customer satisfaction, as well as internal and external supervision. These activities enable the company to find its shortcomings and take timely action to improve the effectiveness of its operations to meet growing customer demand.

CNG Vietnam considers human resources as the most valuable asset to ensure its success. Therefore, the company always takes care of their lives, both material and spiritual, to encourage them to contribute to its development. Cultural and sports activities such as football, tennis, badminton playing and artistic performances have been organized regularly, attracting the participation of most workers. CNG Vietnam has also improved the quality of its human resources through training programs designed based on practical demand, in order to build a professional and efficient workforce.

Doing business in the gas sector, in general, and CNG production and distribution, in particular, is dangerous and risky. Therefore, ensuring safety and quality and protecting the environment have been identified as CNG Vietnam’s vital tasks.

cng vietnam 10 years of great efforts

Measures to ensure safety and cope with emergency situations have been assessed and improved periodically. CNG Vietnam’s safety, quality and environmental management systems meeting ISO and OHSAS standards were recognized by the British Standards Institution (BSI) Vietnam for the first time in 2010 and recertified in 2013. Last year, the company successfully upgraded its ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system to 2015 versions. This reflects strong commitments of the company’s leadership and staff to complying with existing international standards to enhance its competitive advantages and promote its trademark.

Along with production and business activities, CNG Vietnam has actively participated in charity and community activities. Social security activities have been an integral part of its operations, enabling the company to provide support for needy and unfortunate people, as well as families of revolutionary contributors.

Since it was established, CNG Vietnam has always abided by international standards to minimize risks and prevent work accidents. The company has created a safe and professional working environment to ensure worker health and fulfill its social responsibilities.

Despite new difficulties and challenges that will face CNG Vietnam on its way ahead, the strong determination of its leadership and staff, as well as the support of state authorities, the cooperation with its partners, and customer trust are believed to help CNG Vietnam achieve new successes to accomplish its mission.

Kim Ngan