Clean food platform brings farm produce to consumers’ kitchens

14:00 | 05/03/2022 Companies

FoodHub is a specialized clean food application allowing consumers to buy quality fresh food sliced and ready to cook and receive it within one hour. The service, which provides diverse ingredients for daily common dishes, has flourished due to people’s reluctance to shop at crowded places, such as traditional markets and supermarkets, during Covid-19.  

Having realized that food hygiene in Vietnam was sometimes substandard, FoodHub CEO Nguyen Xuan Vinh launched his clean food service in September 2019 to connect clean food producers with consumers through a mobile application. Vinh said the app also helping farmers sell their output, providing a practical solution instead of simply giving them general market information and orientations.

The FoodHub startup has become the choice of many households in Hanoi in online shopping for fresh food for daily meals. Not only providing fresh food, FoodHub also prepares the food for free or cooks on demand, helping shoppers save time.

During the peak times of COVID-19 and social distancing, the number of application users increased by 7,000 from 18,000 before the pandemic breakout - an unprecedented growth rate. There were even times when FoodHub was among the top 10 most downloaded apps on app stores.

FoodHub CEO Nguyen Xuan Vinh

FoodHub recently received an investment of US$500,000 from NextTech and Next100 Investment Fund to develop a clean food service ecosystem for shoppers’ homes. “The application providing clean food services to homes is a modern consumption trend not only adapting to current changes in buyer needs but also anticipating future consumption trends,” said NextTech Group Chair Nguyen Hoa Binh. “That's why NextTech Group wants to invest in FoodHub. Not only providing capital, NextTech also acts as a strategic consultant that helps Foodhub quickly expand in all major cities across the country and develop an essential clean food service ecosystem for urban Vietnamese households.”

CEO Nguyen Xuan Vinh said the market is witnessing extremely rapid changes. There were times when FoodHub could only meet 20 percent of customer food shopping needs. Therefore, NextTech not only expands the platform’s potential, but also shares the same vision of business strategy and customer-centric orientation.

With support from NextTech Group, FoodHub expects to further raise its sales in 2022 and complete the service coverage target nationwide by 2023.

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